DeWALT DCR025 Review

Light weight, clear sound, quick battery charging, and long play time make this a good choice for the workshop or jobsite.


DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Charger Radio

The DEWALT DCR025 charger/radio weighs in at 14-1/2 pounds and measures 18" x 12-1/2" x 11". DeWALT doesn't specify an IP (Ingress Protection) dust and moisture rating. For anyone with a workshop that has a good dust collection system this shouldn't be a major concern, however, for those looking to use the unit outdoors on a jobsite, care should be taken to prevent it from exposure to rain or excessive moisture. 


As with the vast majority of power tools manufactured today, the body is made of a durable, impact resistant PVC. It has a roll cage design that incorporates five handles – one at the top and one at each side. This design makes it easy to stand the DCR025 horizontally or vertically, and provides good protection from inadvertent knocks and drops. For additional protection the speaker screen is made of steel.


The DCR025 runs on any DEWALT 20V MAX or 20/60V MAX Flexvolt battery or on AC power. Consistent with any battery powered radio/charger, play time depends on the amp-hour of the battery you use and the volume at which you listen. With the sound level set at 10 of 30 on the volume scale, I was able to get over 36 hours of play time on a single 4.0 Ah battery charge. 

There is no enclosed storage compartment for the battery so it's rather exposed, making it somewhat vulnerable to damage if anything is dropped on the unit. 

Adjacent to the battery is a covered slot for installing a CR2032 coin type battery that retains the clock and radio station presets – 10 FM and 5 AM – when no power is supplied to the DCR025.


It takes just over an hour to recharge a 4.0Ah battery. Charging begins as soon as you plug the AC cord into a receptacle. A charging light at the top of the control panel blinks continuously until the battery is fully charged.


At the front of the unit is a large storage compartment that will accommodate mobile devices up to 5" x 8". Inside the compartment you'll find an AUX-In port for connecting non-Bluetooth devices, and a 2.1A USB port for charging your mobile device. 

On one side of the unit are two AC power outlets that you can use to plug in corded power tools, chargers, or anything that draws 10A of power or less – usable only when the DCR025 is plugged in, and not when battery powered. On the opposite side is a handy bottle opener.


Pairing with a mobile device goes very smoothly and once paired, the DCR025 will automatically connect to your device as soon as you select the Bluetooth mode on its control panel. With an unimpeded line of sight between the unit and mobile device there is a 100 foot wireless range.

The DCR025 has two 20-watt 3-1/2" speakers, two 1" tweeters, two air ports. The volume setting on the DCR025 ranges from 0 (essentially muted) to 30 (the loudest). I like to keep the sound level in my small shop at around the 50-55dB level. When listening to FM radio this means I need to set the volume setting to 10. However, when listening to music from my smartphone I need to crank the volume setting up to 18 to reach the same decibel level. Regardless, I find the sound to be very good for the music I listen to, for all but the highest volume level where there is some slight sound distortion.


The control panel is quite spartan. At the center is a combined push power/volume button. To the left and right are combined tune/seek/song progression buttons. Plus there are buttons for muting sound, setting the clock, selecting the mode (FM1 FM2, AM, BT, AUX), and adjusting equalization so you can boost or cut the bass and treble to suite your audio taste. The equalization range is limited to three frequency settings.

The DEWALT DCR025 doesn't offer a high level of dust and water protection, the battery is exposed, and sound equalization is limited. But overall, it provides good value in a Bluetooth charger radio – the roll cage design offers a fair degree of protection, battery recharge time is good, play time is excellent (with a 4Ah battery), and sound output is great. 


  • Power source: 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT DeWALT batteries or AC power
  • Size: 18" x 12-1/2" x 11"
  • Wireless range: 100 feet
  • Sound output: 20 watts
  • Speakers: (2) 3-1/2" speakers, (2) 1" tweeters, (2) air ports
  • Radio presets: 10 FM/5AM
  • 2.1-amp USB; AUX-In; 2 AC power outlets (10A max output)
  • 3A battery charger
  • Mobile device storage compartment
  • Roll-cage frame/handle
  • Top mounted handle
  • Thick rubber overmold
  • Metal speaker screen
  • Bottle opener
  • Weight: 14-1/2 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Includes: AC adapter

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Carl Duguay
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