DeWALT Cordless Brushless Hand Planer

Equivalent to, if not better than, other powered hand planers on the market.

DeWALT Cordless Brushless Hand Planer

DeWALT Cordless Brushless Hand Planer

When all else fails, use a portable planer (powered hand planer) to trim or flatten stock. They're quick and easy to use, and also enable you to rabbet and chamfer edges. I find them useful to flatten edges on thick, long stock before heading to the jointer, to fit doors, and to level dimension lumber – a hang of a lot quicker and easier than using a jack plane.

The DeWALT DCP580B is a bare tool planer you can use with any of the DeWALT 20V MAX, MAX XR, and FlexVolt batteries. It comes with set of two pre-installed reversible 3-1/4" knives, a Torx wrench (for changing the blades), and a rip fence. What it doesn't come with is a dust bag.

Consistent with most new power tools coming to market, the DCP580 features a brushless motor. Not sure what the benefits of brushless are? Read our short Introduction to Brushless Motors

Comfortable, padded handle

The DCP580 has a nicely padded handle with a trigger safety switch that is easy to hold down with your thumb as you press the variable speed trigger. Once the motor starts you can release the safety switch. When you release the trigger the blade stops rotating almost instantaneously, thanks to an electric brake. A very nice feature indeed.

Super precise depth control

On the front of the tool is the forward handle/depth adjust knob. It's a good size, which is important, as you need to use both hands to effectively, and safely, control the planer.

It also serves to raise and lower the front shoe to change the depth of blade cut. Each incremental mark on the knob increases the depth of cut by .1mm (.0039"), for a maximum cut of 5/64". As you turn the knob there is an audible 'click' that lets you know you've increased the cut depth. I find this very handy, as it precludes having to visually check the depth scale all the time.

At the "0" setting the blade projects about .006", below the front shoe, and there's no way to correct it. 

As well, there is no lock on the adjustment knob, and occasionally I've inadvertently changed the depth setting by twisting the knob up or down while planing. While it hasn't happened often, I'd like to be able to securely lock the cutting depth. 

Smooth, durable base

The front and rear shoes are made of thick aluminum, and should last a lifetime. On the front shoe is an integrated V-groove for chamfering 45° edges.

On the tail end of the rear shoe is a flip down foot that serves as a kickstand. It drops down when you lift up the planer to keep the blades from getting damaged when you set the planer down, and to protect the surface you're planing. However, because of the electric brake there doesn't appear to be much of a chance of blade damage or scared wood surfaces.

Convenient on-board blade and wrench storage

DeWALT has thoughtfully provided on-board storage for both an extra set of blades and the wrench to change the blades. The DCP580 comes with double-sided, disposable carbide blades that are silly simple to install. I find they produce a very clean cut, and last a long, long time. You can, if you choose, install more traditional high speed steel blades. The only real drawback with the carbide blades is that if you hit a bit of metal, the blade is toast. 

Blade change over takes 2 to 3 minutes. The DCP580 also comes with a plastic holder that you can use to resharpen HSS blades.

Right-side mount dust port

The dust port is on the right side of the tool, which is fine for all us right-handed folk, but might be a bother for lefties. These powered hand planes generate a lot of wood chips, and they're flung out of the dust port like spit from a bullfrog, which makes some kind of dust control essential. You don't get a dust bag with the DCP580, and none is listed on the DeWALT website. It's not an issue for me, as I find that for tools which produce copious volumes of chips, the bags fill up in no time, and I'm constantly having to stop work to empty them.

Connect to a dust extractor for superior dust management

It's much better to connect the tool to a dust extractor. You can purchase the DeWALT DWV9000 Universal Connector that makes a quick, easy, and durable connection between any standard 1-1/4" vacuum hose and the dust port on the DCP580. 

Or, if you don't have an extractor, or need a new one, check out the new DeWALT DWV010 extractor (shown above) that's fitted with a universal hose connector. The extractor really sucks – literally.
Rigid fence for easy tracking

I use a fence almost all the time on a powered hand planer, and was glad to see that DeWALT has supplied a sturdy, rigid, easy to adjust fence, doesn't move once set in place, and can be mounted on either side of the planer.

A couple of minor irritants, but overall, a great powered hand planer

On rough hardwood I start out removing a fair amount of wood – up to about 1/8"  per pass. On softer stock I might increase the depth setting a tad. For the final pass or two I dial it all the way down so I'm removing the least amount of wood. The resulting finish is as smooth as butter. Followed up with 320-grit paper it's a done deal. 

As with the vast majority of power tools, it should come as no surprise that the DCP580 is loud, so you'll need to wear hearing protectors. And, at just over 7 pounds (with battery installed) it's fairly heavy, however as I never use it overhead, weight isn't a critical issue. Plus, the smooth aluminum shoes help glide the planer over the work surface.

Run time for the DCP580 will vary considerably, depending on the amp-hour (Ah) of the battery you're using, how much material you hog off on each pass, and the type of material you're working with. If you'll be doing a lot of work with the planer it might be worth picking up a decidated battery for it, rather than using the battery from one of your other DeWALT power tools.

I've found the DCP580 well constructed and comfortable to use. It has plenty of power (even hogging off 5/64" of stock), an easy to adjust cutting depth, a foolproof blade installation system, and it gives excellent results (assuming you're using good quality, sharp blades). If you can live with the two issues I mentioned above, then I think you won't be disappointed with the DeWALT DCP580.


  • Motor: Brushless
  • Power Source: 20V MAX lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • Planing width: 3-1/4"
  • Depth of cut adjustment: 1mm (.0039")
  • Maximum depth of cut: 5/64"
  • Speed: 15,000 (no load)
  • Poly-V drive belt
  • Kickstand
  • On board blade and wrench storage
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds (without battery); 7.2 pounds with DCB204 battery installed
  • Includes: guide fence, wrench, user guide
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Carl Duguay
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