DeWalt FlexVolt DCS575 Circular Saw

Exceptional power and run-time in a well-balanced, full-featured, cordless circular saw.

DeWalt FlexVolt DCS575 Circular Saw

DeWALT FlexVolt 60V Max Circular Saw

The DCS575 7-1/4" circular saw is part of DeWALT's new line of FLEXVOLT power tools – currently there are 6 power tools in the lineup. These tools are powered by the new FLEXVOLT 20/60-Volt battery platform. What's unique about FLEXVOLT batteries is that they can produce between 20V (18V nominal) and 60V (54V nominal) of power. The battery automatically adjusts voltage depending on how much power the tool requires. FLEXVOLT batteries come in two formats –  the 6.0 Ah battery delivers 108Wh of power, while the 9.0 Ah battery (early 2017 release date) will deliver a whopping 162Wh. With these batteries you get the maximum run-time and the most power available from any DeWALT battery platform currently on the market.

Note that FLEXVOLT power tools (which have the FLEXVOLT label on the tool) operate only on FLEXVOLT batteries. However, FLEXVOLT batteries are backwards compatible – you can use them to power any 20V MAX power tool.

The DCS575 comes in three formats. The DCS575B is a bare tool. The DCS575T1 includes one FLEXVOLT 6.0Ah battery and a fast charger, while the DCS575T2 includes two FLEXVOLT batteries and a charger. The bare version of the tool (DCS575B) will be a great option when you have already purchased a tool that comes with FLEXVOLT batteries, but if you are just getting into these high powered tools, you should purchase one of the kitted versions (DCS575T1 or DCS575T2).


Light and balanced

Pick up, cut, put down. Pick up, cut, put down. Repeat a hundred times or so a day and you'll quickly realize how important light weight and good balance is on a circ saw. The DCS575 has both in spades. At just over 7-1/2 pounds – with a battery installed – it's one of the lightest cordless circ saws on the market. And, with the center of gravity located at the trigger, this is one of the most comfortable saws I've used in quite some time. 


Brushless motor and electronic brake

As with most cordless tools that come to market, the DCS575 has a brushless motor that helps reduce overall tool weight, but, more importantly, is more efficient at consuming and delivering battery power. These motors are equipped with electronic speed controllers that provide increased control over motor speeds, and they produce less friction, heat, and amp draw so they make more efficient use of energy. If you're not up-to-date on the benefits of this technology, read our short Introduction to Brushless Motors.

I really like the e
lectronic brake, which stops the blade in a couple of seconds after the trigger is released – as opposed to the 15 or so seconds on a brakeless saw. It's an important safety feature, more so when you're bushed at the end of a long day, and perhaps less careful when putting the saw down. 

Quick and easy depth setting

One of the most important features on any circ saw is how quickly and easily you're able to set the depth of cut and the bevel angle. On the DCS575 the locking handles are easy to release, and when locked in place, stay put. Depth of cut is a generous 2-9/16", which enables you to easily cut 2X material, and three stacked sheets of ply.

Same old scales

As on virtually all circ saws, the depth scale is impossible to view from the back of the saw. Most users will view the scale from the side. However because the scale is simply stamped, and both the numbers and scale lines are not coloured, they're all but impossible to read except in optimal lighting conditions. Because I'm usually cutting through stock, and rarely need to cut to a precise depth, I simply guesstimate the distance by viewing the blade projection when placed adjacent to the stock. Works very quickly for me.

Easier to read bevel scale

The bevel scale, on the other hand, is a lot easier to read. Adjusting the bevel is likewise quick and easy. Depth of cut at 45° is a decent 1-5/8". The saw can be beveled to an impressive 57°. I appreciate the detents at 45° and 22-1/2°, which speeds things up when making beveled cuts, as well as the usual positive stops at 0° and 57°.

Easy to track the cut line

Another crucial feature on any circ saw is how easy it is to track the cut line when sawing freehand – without a guide track. On the front of the shoe are two kerf indicators – one that you use when making bevel cuts, the other for flush cuts. A simple feature fond on virtually all saws that makes cutting to the line a breeze.

Blade changes in under a minute

The ease of installing a new blade is important if you go through a lot of blades during your work week. Blade changing on the DCS575 is very quick. The spindle lock button is easily reached and you can depress it with a thumb, leaving the other hand free to remove the spindle nut. The wrench conveniently stores on the saw (just below the battery). To avoid constantly knocking you knuckles against the blade guard bend the head of the wench a tad. 

Thick, rigid shoe and side bumpers

The aluminum shoe is a decent size, and, more importantly to me, at 5/32" thick, is super rigid. It should be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and last a lifetime. Another nice feature worth mentioning is the bumpers – rubber strips – placed on the motor housing. They protect the housing from scratches when you place the saw down on its side. Handy when working on hard surfaces like concrete.


A great combination of power and run time

The DCS575 comes with a FLEXVOLT 24-tooth high quality carbide thin kerf bladePaired with the 6.0Ah FLEXVOLT battery it powers through dimensional lumber, hardwood, and sheet goods like nobody's business. Over the past four weeks I've used it to cross cut 4/4 ash and 8/4 alder and to rip a stack of 3/4" birch ply to size. No binding, no stalling, and no heat build-up on the motor housing. DeWALT claims just under 340 cuts in 2x4 lumber on a single battery charge, which is quite impressive. So, with two batteries, you can make sawdust all day without any down time.

Dust extraction is on par with other circ saws in this class – d
ebris is ejected out the side of the upper guard. The only quibbles I have are that the saw doesn't come with a rafter hook, rip fence, nor a decent storage case. If you do a lot of narrow ripping then a rip fence is quite handy – the DeWALT DW3278 can be had for around $25.

Still, if you're thinking of getting a first, or replacement circ saw, then think cordless, and take a closer look at the DeWALT DCS575. It has all the features that make for a great circ saw, and provides exceptional power and run-time. 


  • Motor: Brushless
  • Power source: One 20V/60V FLEXVOLT battery
  • Max watts out: 1,600
  • Blade size: 7-1/4"
  • No Load Speed (Max): 5800 RPM
  • Depth of cut at 90°: 2-9/16"
  • Depth of cut at 45°: 1-5/8"
  • Bevel capacity: 57°
  • Shoe Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs; lbs with battery
  • Motor brake
  • LED work light
  • Includes: blade, blade wrench (bare tool model)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

MODEL:DCS575B (Bare Tool)
DCS575T1 (Kit with 1 Battery and Charger)
DCS575T2 (Kit with 2 Batteries and Charger)
PRICE:DCS575B: $249.00
DCS575T1: $399.00
DCS575T2: $539.00
SOURCE:Retailer Search

Carl Duguay
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