DeWALT Right Angle Attachment (DWARA100)

The perfect accessory for easy drilling and fastening in hard to reach places.


DeWALT Right Angle Attachment (DWARA100)

I've been using a right angle drill attachment (also called an offset drive attachment) for years. It's a handy accessory to have on hand when you need to work in tight corners, at awkward angles, or into hard to reach places - under counters, in narrow width cabinets, betweeen joists or studs, and the like. Pop it into the chuck of your drill, install a bit or driver into the chuck on the right angle attachment, and you're ready to go.
While convenient, the model I was using does have a few issues: it's fairly large and somewhat bulky (limiting it's use to spaces about 6" and wider); it has a fair amount of runout (which is ok for drilling holes, but awkward when trying to install screws); and, it has a keyed chuck (which means I have to search around in my toolbox for the chuck key). On the plus side, the head turns 360-degrees, making it easier to orient the bit or driver in the right direction, rather than having to twist your hands and arms awkwardly.
The DeWALT Right Angle Attachment (DWARA100), is a better design. It's compact, measuring only 4-7/8" long (excluding the shaft). The head is just 1-1/2" from the back of the handle to the tip of the installed bit. 1" driver bits only add about 1/4" to the head length. This means that you can screw into openings less than 3" wide (if you're using a 1" screw). 
The handle, which is made of a high strength engineered plastic, has a tapered profile that provides for a secure grip. The head looks to be made of a die-cast magnesium alloy, similar to what's found on DeWALT drill/driver gear case housings. Either way, it feels very durable and robust.

1/4" hex chuck with magnetic ring
The DWARA100 has a 1/4" hex chuck that accepts any 1/4" shanked accessory - drill bits, drivers, nut drivers, and hole saws. It's touted as being 'impact ready', which means that it can be used with your impact driver. However, you can also use it with any 1/4" drill/driver, or attached to a 1/4" bit adapter in a standard drill.

Bit removal is easy
There is a powerful magnetic ring around the chuck opening that makes it easy to install accessories. Once an accessory is installed, there is virtually no wobble. At the back of the head is a small opening - inserting any 1/8" or smaller metal object, such as a screw tip or driver tip, pops the bit out of the chuck. 

The DeWALT DWARA100 - ideal for tight, confined drill and screwing
This is a very nice accessory - good fit and finish, compact, superior bit retention, no discernable run-out, a small head size enabling access in the most restircted spaces, and, it can be safely used with your impact driver.
Key Features:
  • High strength engineered plastic handle
  • 4-7/8" overall length (excluding shaft)
  • 1-1/2" head (excluding installed bit or driver)
  • 90-degree head angle
  • Floating ring magnet for fastener bit retention
  • Accepts 1/4" hex shank accessoires
  • Includes: (1) impact ready #2 Phillips driver bit

SOURCE:Find a Retailer
Carl Duguay, July 2013
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