DeWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizers

A good choice for anyone looking for a highly functional and economically priced tool storage system


DeWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizers

Stackable, latchable, lockable, tool storage systems are ideal for organizing and storing your hand and power tools. They are particularly convenient when moving tools to and from job sites. These modular, space saving systems make it much easier to quickly locate the right tool you need, and they provide better protection for expensive tools than soft sided tool bags.
DeWALT has two modular tool storage systems. The ToughSystem, introduced in 2012, was designed primarily to meet the needs of contractors. Earlier this year DeWALT added a new modular system to its product line, the TSTAK Tool Storage Organizers. This system will likely be of interest to DIYers, woodworkers, and tradespeople looking for a more economically priced tool storage system.

The TSTAK 4-piece set
There are six organizers in the TSTAK system. All the units are 17-1/4" wide and from 12-1/4" to 13" deep. Heights and capacities vary. I tested the 4-piece set, TSTAK1 to TSTAK4.

TSTAK1 has two lids and two compartments, TSTAK2 has one lid and one compartment, TSTAK3 has a single drawer, and, TSTAK4 has two drawers.
In addition to these four organizers there is a model TSTAK5 (DWST17805, $44) with a see-through lid and 9 removable plastic bins, and a model TSTAK6 (DWST17806, $44), a deeper version of the TSTAK2 that has a with a removable parts tray and is suitable for power tools. There is also a wheeled cart (DWST17889, $88) on which the TSTAK organizers can be mounted for easy movement around the shop or job site.

Latches on the top of the TSTAKs (except the TSTAK1)

Latches clip onto the bottom of the side handles

DeWALT use a latch system that is somewhat similar to what you'll find on other modular storage systems, notably from Festool and Bosch.

Basically, the system consists of a pair of rigid plastic latches - located on the top sides of each TSTAK (except the TSTAK1). The latches clip onto the integrated side handles - located on the bottom side of each TSTAK. Because there are no latches on the TSTAK1 you can't stack any of the other TSTAKs on top of it.

The system does work quit well, and holds the TSTAKs securely together. Even when clipped together there is still room to lift the TSTAKs by the side handles.

Flush mounted metal latches

I like the flush mounted metal latches on the TSTAK1 and TSTAK2 - they work well, and in the closed position are unobtrusive and out of the way.

Convenient lock and label

I likely wouldn't bother locking my tool boxes in the shop, but on a job site I do take precautions to protect my tools, particularly expensive power tools. Only the TSTAK1 (bottom compartment) and the TSTAK2 can be locked. Better than nothing, but I would prefer the option to secure all the compartments and drawers.

There is a plastic window on each TSTAK that enables you to insert labels for identifying contents. DeWALT has thoughtfully supplied the labels.

Handles are flush with the top

Apart from the integrated side handles, all the TSTAKs have a flush mounted top handle. On the TSTAK1 you get a full-width handle. The TSTAK1 and TSTAK2 also have front mounted handles. However, a bit of caution is in order - depending on what you store in the TSTAKs, lifting the units by the front handles can inadvertently 'rearrange' the contents.

TSTAK1: top compartment has 7 sections

Flip up the lid on the DSTAK1 to reveal seven 1-11/16" deep sections in assorted sizes. The dividers aren't removable, so you can't rearrange the layout. Still, you can get a lot of accessories in here.

TSTAK1: lower compartment

TSTAK1 lower compartment loaded

Underneath the first compartment is a second, much larger compartment. It's 3-3/4" deep, but you can store items as high as 5" because of the recessed lid. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could fit in. The TSTAK1 is rated as having a 3.7 gallon capacity and can support a maximum of 66 pounds of gear.

TSTAK 2: single compartment

The TSTAK2 has a single compartment that is the same size as the lower compartment on the TSTAK1 - that is, it will accommodate items up to 5" high. As with the TSTAK1 it has a 66 pound capacity.

Notice in the photo above that all the weight of the top TSTAK is supported by the hinge on the lower TSTAK. Too much weight in the top TSTAK, or a sudden jarring shock to the unit may cause the top TSTAK to fall all the way backwards, and could damage the hinge. It's best to have the top unit rest against a wall or other surface.

TSTAK3: 1 drawer with sturdy ball bearing slides, 6 boxes

TSTAK4: 2 drawers with sturdy ball bearing slides, 6 compartments per drawer

Both the TSTAK3 and TSTAK4 have sliding drawers. The single sliding drawer of the TSTAK3 contains six lidded, removable bins, great for storing bulk fasteners or the like. The bins are 3-1/2" deep, and all together can hold up to 16.5 pounds.

The TSTAK4 has two sliding drawers, each 1-5/8" deep, with 9 compartments. The dividers are removable, which enable you to customize the layout. Each drawer is rated at about 8 pounds capacity.

TSTAK fully loaded holds an impressive amount of small tools and hardware

Over the six weeks I've had the TSTAK system in my shop it's proven to be very handy. I use it primarily to hold my fasteners, and the accessories for my drill/driver and impact driver. You could just as well fill it with hand tools, router bits, or other shop hardware.

I like that it keeps everything neatly organized, dust free, and even when loaded, isn't too heavy that I can't cart it about. However, if I was going to use the TSTAK on a job site I've certainly opt for the mobile base. Otherwise, this is a nicely thought out, durable storage system that is very competitively priced.


  • 17-1/4" wide, 12-1/4 to 13" deep by various heights
  • 13-1/2" hinge
  • Made of ABS Plastic, 2mm thick
  • Label slot
  • Heavy-duty rust resistant metal latches
  • Stackable
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • Sturdy handles
  • Lifetime warranty

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Model #DWST17808DWST17807DWST17803DWST17804
Capacity3.7 gal3.5 gal2.5 gal2.1 gal
Weight (empty)5.6 lbs4 lbs8.4 lbs9.4 lbs
Weight (max)66 lbs66 lbs16.5 lbs16.5 lbs
Style2 compartments1 compartment1 drawer2 drawers
Note: The 4-piece set retails for $149.96.

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