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An inexpensive, plug and play accessory for controlling your dust extractor or collector through a power tool


DGC i-Socket Autoswitch

Many of the newer dust extractors (aka shop vacuums) have an outlet activation switch that enables you to plug a power tool into the dust extractor, and then automatically turn the extractor on when you start the power tool. This is a very convenient feature that, once you use, you won't want to do without. Bit of a put-off if you have a dust extractor that doesn't have this feature. Not so!
The DGC i-Socket Autoswitch is an inexpensive, plug and play accessory that allows you to automatically control your dust extractor or dust collector through a power tool. It's as simple as plugging the i-Socket into a 120V electrical receptacle, and then plugging your dust extractor or collector into the 'Vac' outlet, and your power tool into the 'Tool' outlet on the i-Socket. You need to turn the dust extractor or collector power switch to the 'on' position. That's it. Whenever you start whatever power tool that's connected to the 'Tool' outlet, your extractor/collector will fire up. A nice feature is that when you turn the power tool off, the extractor/collector will continue to run on for 7 seconds, so that the hose will be cleared of debris.

3-prong plug
All high-teckie inside
You can even connect multiple power tools to a power bar; as long as you use only one power tool at a time you're in business. The only limitation is that you can use the i-Socket only with power tools that draw 15 amps or less.
A simple, cost effective solution for increasing shop efficiency.



  • 2" W x 2-5/8" D x 4" H
  • 15A, 120V power rating
  • Built-in 7-second shut off delay
  • 90 day warranty

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Carl Duguay, March 2011
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