Dowel Wizard Self-Centering Doweling Jig

A precise, easy-to-use jig for basic doweling tasks.

Dowel Wizard Self-Centering Doweling Jig

Dowel Wizard Self-Centering Doweling Jig

Dowels are a time honoured, simple, strong, hidden, and efficient method of joinery for panels, face frames, edging, aprons, and the like. It's a fairly simple technique made all the easier when you use a jig. There are numerous jigs on the market for this purpose, from the very basic to the more intricate. The Dowel Wizard fits somewhere in the middle, and is ideally suited for those who use dowel joinery on an intermittent basis.

The body of the jig is made of anodized aluminum, which makes the jig very light, yet highly durable – if you don't abuse the jig it'll last a lifetime. The bushings, which guide the drill bit, are made of hardened steel, and likewise should last indefinitely.


The Dowel Wizard consists of a bushing block (A) that has two threaded holes in which the bushings (B) are secured. A dark registration mark (C) runs across the top and down both sides of the block, enabling you to align the jig precisely on your stock. Two pivot arms (D) at each end of the bushing block are attached to side plates (E) that press up against the stock.


The side plates don't exert enough pressure against the stock to keep it from moving, so you need to clamp the jig in place. You can use just about any small clamp – I find that a cam clamp works perfectly.

The Dowel Wizard comes with three sizes of bushings, 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8". They're precisely milled so that they screw perfectly into the bushing block. As well, the bushing holes are perfectly sized to accept their mating drill bits without any wobble.


Aligning the Dowel Wizard to your stock is a piece of cake. You begin by placing registration (alignment) marks on both pieces of the stock that you wish to join. You then align the Dowel Wizard to each of the registration marks in turn, and drill the appropriate size holes for the dowels you'll be using. Windows in the side plates make it easy to visually align the jig to the marks on your stock. 


What you need to remember is that the holes you drill will be 1/2" to either side of the registration marks. The bushings are 1" on-center, so the minimum width of stock you can use with the jig is about 1/1/2".

You can do offset doweling with this jig, and using the 3/16" bushing you can dowel stock as narrow as 3/8". To do this you'll need to place 1/8" shims on either side of the stock.

With the Dowel Wizard you can do edge-to-edge, edge-to-end, edge-to-inside, rail-to-stile and miter joints, on stock up to 2" wide. It doesn't have all the versatility of some of the higher end doweling jigs, but at about 1/3 of the price, it's a good option for anyone who wants to do ocassional doweling. Highly recommended.


  • Jig Body: Anodized Aluminum
  • Drill Guide Bushings: Hardened Steel
  • Dimensions: 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 6-1/4" (folded)
  • Maximum Capacity: 2" (width of stock)
  • Includes: 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8" bushings (other sizes available)

COMPANY:Atkinson Product Design
MODEL:Dowel Wizard
PRICE:$59.95 US ( ~ $80.00 CDN)

Some joints you can make with the Dowel Wizard


Some joints you can't make with the Dowel Wizard


Carl Duguay
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