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Dowelmax Router Lift

A First to Market Innovative Design: Improves Router Function Access and Reduces Set-up Times for $149 
Kelowna, BC – January 22, 2015 – Dowelmax Ltd, the global leader in precision multiple dowel systems for fine furniture construction, announce today the release of the new Dowelmax router lift, available for order now from the manufacturer.
As engineers and furniture design and construction enthusiasts, the Dowelmax team has combined the two pursuits to design an innovative, convenient and functional method of making adjustments to a table mounted router, without having to work from below the table.
A preliminary version of the new lift was used successfully for many years in the Dowelmax workshop. Once an investigation of commercially available products determined that a comprehensive and effective solution to the problem was not available, the company proceeded to develop their workshop design into the new Dowelmax lift. 
The Dowelmax lift assembly consists of:
  • A CNC machined interface plate
  • A CNC machined base plate
  • A heavy duty piano hinge
  • Four high quality gas spring brackets
  • Two high quality gas springs
  • All required hardware
The patented design works as an interface between a standard router and router top, and a router stand. 
The interface plate attaches to the underside of the router top. The base plate is then attached to the stand. With the gas springs fitted, and the lift in the open position, the operator has clear and unobstructed access to all functions of the router including:
  • The shaft locking pin
  • The collet nut,
  • The height adjustment
  • The locking lever
  • The speed adjustment
  • The power disconnect
As a result, bit changes, height adjustments and all other router functions can be performed in a fraction of the time required for alternate router lifts. 
The introductory price of the Dowelmax lift is $149.00.