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The ideal tool for a range of sanding, cutting, shaping and grinding jobs around the home and in the shop


Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool

While a number of manufacturers have introduced similar tools  over the past couple of years, Dremel is still synonymous with 'rotary tool', particularly when it comes to the DIY market.

Dremel describes the 3000 model as an 'upgrade of our most popular rotary tool' - the Dremel 300.
In appearance, the Dremel 3000 still looks similar to the Dremel 300, though it features a more streamlined, torpedo-style design with a trumpet-shaped nose that provides easy one-handed gripping.

Dremel 300
Dremel 3000
One of the nice features of the Dremel rotary tools is how easy they are to handle. The pencil grip is best when you need precise control for drilling, sanding, grinding or cutting tasks, while the golf grip is more suited for less precise, general purpose work.

Pencil grip for precise control
All-purpose golf grip
The Dremel 3000 is 7" long and weighs 20 ounces, only 2 ounces more than the 300 model. It comes with a somewhat ore powerful motor (1.2 Amp versus 1.15 Amp for the 300). This new motor also delivers slightly less speed - 5,000 to 32,000 RPM versus 5,000 - 35,000 RPM. However the top-end speed is still more than adequate for any cutting, drilling or sanding tasks that you'll encounter.

According to Dremel, the ball-bearing motor on the 3000 runs cooler and smoother under load and is quieter. Nonetheless, rotary tools are loud, particularly when run at top speeds, and it's advisable to wear hearing protectors if you use the tool for than a few minutes at a time.

Integrated power and speed switch and hanging hook
Shaft lock
As on the 300 model, the power switch is integrated into the speed switch, located at the tail end of the tool. It retains the familiar 10 speed settings, with each setting increasing the speed by roughly 3,000 RPM. 

Also on the tail end you'll find the hanging hook, which is convenient for suspending the tool if you use the optional flex shaft attachment (#225-01).

The shaft lock remains at the front of the tool, and now features a four-position collet lock that makes bit changing easier.

EZ Twist nose cap
A wrench is used to unlock the collet on the Dremel 4000
We now come to what is, arguably, the most significant enhancement to the Dremel 3000 - the EZ Twist nose cap. With the Dremel 300 a wrench is used to unlock the collet. The Dremel 3000 uses an innovative EZ Twist nose cap.

Unscrew the EZ Twist cap, and then use it to remove the collet nut
The EZ Twist nose cap has the wrench integrated into the cap. You simply unscrew the cap, and then use it to tighten the collet nut. This is a great feature that all users will surely appreciate.

The 3000 ships with a 1/8" collet, though you can purchase three other collet sizes (1/32", 1/16" and 3/32".) And, of course, you can use all the Dremel rotary attachments and accessories with the 3000 (except the PL400 Planer and MS400 Multi-Saw attachments.)

Multipurpose cutting guide
Sanding/grinding guide
The Dremel 3000 comes in 3 kit formats (see below). Each set comes in a hard shell storage case with a selection of cutting, grinding and sanding accessories, along with a multipurpose cutting or sanding/grinding guide. Both of these guides have height adjustment scales and can be adjusted approximately 3/4".

The multipurpose guide facilitates tasks that require you to hold the tool at 90° to the work surface. The 2-3/8" wide base provides a stable support and the large opening makes it easy to see what your cutting. 

The sanding/grinding guide is similar to the multipurpose guide, in that it supports the tool at 90° to the work surface. A flat edge makes it ideal to use with an edge guide. It also has a 45° bevel edge. However, the 1-3/4" base doesn't provide as much support as the multipurpose guide.

Dremel 3000-2/28 kit comes with both edge guides
Maintenance is fairly minimal - approximately every 50 hours of use check the brushes, and replace them when they begin to wear down, or as soon as the tool fails to start, runs intermittently or slower than usual, or if you see more sparking than usual. Sold as a pair, brushes cost about $5.

The Dremel 3000 has ample power to undertake a wide range of sanding, cutting, shaping and grinding jobs around the home and in the shop. And, the unique EZ Twist cap is a stellar improvement that makes accessory changes a snap.

Dremel 3000 Kit Options
3000-2/28Both edge guides plus 28 accessories
3000-1/25HMulti-purpose cutting guide plus 25 accessories
3000-1/24Sanding/grinding edge guide plus 24 accessories
  • 1.2 Amp 
  • 5,000 - 32,000 RPM, variable speed 
  • Electronic feedback 
  • EZ Twist nose cap 
  • Quick collet lock 
  • Accepts 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" collets (1/8" collet supplied) 
  • Single power and speed control switch 
  • Easily accessible motor brushes 
  • 360° grip zone 
  • 6' power cord 
  • 20 oz
  • 4 year warranty
AVAILABLE AT:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
RETAIL PRICE:from $99.99
MADE IN:Mexico (accessories made in China)
Carl Duguay, January 2012
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