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A durable shop apron with a nice range of features


Duluth Bib Apron

On job sites you'll usually see guys and gals wearing tool belts. In the shop it's a different story. While some people prefer light weight tool belts, aprons are more common. Aprons are also a good choice for finish carpenters and other tradespeople who might need to have a wider array of small items at hand, rather than heavier fastening, assembly or demolition tools.
The optimal shop apron depends on the kind of work you do, and the type and quantity of tools you like draped over your body. Some people like a 'minimalist' apron; just enough material to keep from getting covered with dust, dirt and grim, and a couple of pockets for the most frequently used hand tools or accessories. Other people, particularly those working in larger shops, like to have a wider variety of tools at hand. The Duluth Bib Apron will likely appeal to the latter group - it has enough compartments to house a good assortment of tools and hardware.
The Duluth Apron is made from 10.9 ounce Fire Hose canvas; the same 100% cotton canvas that was used to wrap rubber fire hoses. The company uses this material on a wide variety of products, including their tough as nails dungarees. It's very durable, and treated to repel moisture and stains.

Pockets on the upper bib
Hook & loop lower pocket tabs
You get a total of 18 pockets. On the upper bib portion there is a medium sized pocket with a hook & loop closure, and 4 narrow pockets. On the lower apron portion there are five large pockets with hook & loop closures, and 8 narrow pockets. Additionally there are two hammer loops. The three front pockets on the apron have mesh bottoms, which enable dust to fall through, but allow quick, easy access to small items.
A cross-back shoulder strap helps keep the apron snug against the chest and prevents neck strain. The adjustable waistband has a quick-release buckle.

Quick-release buckle
Adjustable shoulder straps
I like the large pockets; they're the perfect size for carrying a block plane, 6" try square, saddle square, cell phone and the like. The narrow pockets in the top bib are great for storing pencils, pens, awls, marking knife, etc. However, at about 3/4" wide they're too narrow to hold a 6" ruler. The 8 narrow pockets on the lower apron are about 1 1/8" wide and 7" long. I ended up stuffing small blocks of Styrofoam into some of them (to accommodate short tool shanks, and to better protect the base of the pockets from sharp tool edges. The pockets do have single stitching; I would have expected double stitching here.

Front pockets have mesh bottoms - debris falls through
Comfortable fit; lots of storage
All in all, I'm very pleased with the Duluth Bib Apron. Once I had the shoulder strap adjusted for my body frame it fit nice and snugly. Even fully loaded the apron didn't seem overly heavy. And, the mesh bottoms on the front pockets is a great idea, as they don't seem to fill up with sawdust like my tool belt does.
Great product at a very reasonable price.



  • 10.9 oz stain resistant cotton Fire Hose canvas
  • Mesh bottomed front pockets
  • Tuckable flaps on front two pockets
  • 5 large pockets, 8 narrow pockets in apron
  • 1 medium pocket, 4 narrow pockets in bib
  • Dual hammer loops
  • Adjustable strap system
  • Quick release waist buckle
  • 100% guarantee

MANUFACTURER:Duluth Trading Co.
MODEL #:85021

Carl Duguay, March 2010
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