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Great fit, super durable, and reasonably priced


Duluth Fire Hose Dungarees

For years I've worn jeans in the shop and on the work site; they're reasonably comfortable, long wearing, and inexpensive. However, I've always found they tend to wear prematurely at the knees, and the pockets could be a bit larger (a few more of them would be useful as well). Several years ago I bought a pair of high-end heavy duty canvas work pants; while they proved to be as tough as nails, they were heavy and stiff (particularly right after washing). At $80 they are also somewhat on the pricey side.
I recently came across these Duluth Fire Hose Dungarees. What caught my interest was the reference to the use of the same 100% cotton canvas that was used to wrap rubber fire hoses in days of yore (plus an amusing video of their encounter with a 644 pound wild boar).
You might think that wearing a length of fire hose on your legs would be a bit uncomfortable. Not so. Duluth's fire hose fabric is made from a mid-weight 11.5 oz cotton canvas that has a double weave thread pattern running in both a horizontal and vertical pattern, which gives the fabric a lot of durability.
Fire Hose dungarees have several features that make them a good choice for use in the shop, garden, or just hoofing around. The fabric is pre-washed for a more comfortable wear, and treated to resist stains. These dungarees are built for durability, with triple stitched seams, and double layered cuffs and waistband.

Triple stitched
Stout zip
While I generally wear an apron in the shop, I do like pants with pockets. These have two 12" front pockets, and five pockets in the back - two 6 1/2" deep butt pockets, and three smaller pockets suitable for holding cell phone, utility knife and the like. As well, there are two hammer loops, great for whether you're right or left handed.

Double layer cuffs & waistband
Ouchless crotch crouch
These pants are very comfortable, and, none too bad looking. They're designed in what is called, I think, a 'relaxed' fit, which gives you ample room to move (without looking like Jethro Bodine). What I especially like is the hidden crotch gusset, what Duluth calls the 'crouch without the ouch' factor. If you do a lot of crouching in the shop or on the job you'll really appreciate this extensible feature. While it's still too early to tell how these pants will hold up, I have washed them twice, and they continue to look and feel great.
Duluth Fire Hose Dungarees are available in waist sizes from 32" to 48" and inseams from 30" to 34", and come in three colours. I take a generous 34" waist, and the size 34 that I ordered fit perfectly (with a few pies to spare). You don't have to worry about ordering from the folks at Duluth; if you don't like the dungarees you just send them back for a refund. Period. But I doubt if you will. Great fit, super durable, and reasonably priced.



  • 11.5 oz fire hose 100% cotton canvas
  • Two 12" deep front pockets
  • 5 pockets in back
  • 2 hammer loops
  • Hidden crotch gusset
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Double-layer cuffs and waistband
  • Pre-washed
  • Stain and water resistant
  • 32" to 48" waist
  • 30" to 34" inseam
  • Available in Navy, Brown & Desert Khaki colours
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

MANUFACTURER:Duluth Trading Co
MODEL #:84014
NOTE: This product is no longer available

Carl Duguay, March 2010

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