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Solve your power tools dust connection dilemma with this handy hose kit.

Universal Small Port Hose Kit

Dust Right Universal Small Port Hose Kit

Most power tools seem to have either a 1" or 1-1/2" dust port. This handy set from Rockler enables you to efficiently deal with the different dust port sizes that you're likely to encounter connecting your power tools to a dust extractor.

The kit consists of three dust port connectors and a Slinky-like dust hose.
1" and 1-1/2" swiveling dust port connectors

The 1" and 1-1/2" connectors attach to your power tools. They have two features that I like. The first is that they swivel a full 360-degrees, which helps to keep the hose from fishtailing around the shop. The second feature is the slightly curved necks that help to keep the section of the hose attached to your power tool from rubbing onto your work surface. 

Easily attached to the supplied dust hose

The ends of each connector have a 2" threaded stem, that 'screws' into the supplied dust hose. Switching connectors takes about 20 seconds. Once attached, the connectors won't inadvertently come apart from the hose. The tool-end of the connectors (the section in blue in the photo above) is made of a flexible rubber that slips snugly over the dust port on power tools, and holds securely in place.

The 2-1/4" connector fits most dust extractors

The larger 2-1/4" connector attaches to the opposite end of the supplied dust hose. It should fit most dust extractor dust ports. I found that it worked perfectly with the Bosch VAC140A, Festool CT26E, and Makita 446L. 

The connector also has a swivel head, which further helps to keep the hose from tangling in use.

Expandable, anti-kink and crush hose

I particularly like the dust hose, which expands like a Slinky toy from a compact 3' to just over 14' long. The hose is very flexible, yet is both crush and kink-free. Step on the hose - it returns to its shape. After use, the hose contracts to it's original 3' length – very convenient. This is an especially nice feature if you use your dust extractor on a job site, as this hose is easier to store and transport.

Innovative and practical

For under $40 ($50 Canadian) this is a good deal for a convenient, practical, dust hose and connector set. No more frustration trying to fit hoses to power tools, no more jury rigging with duct tape – no more frustration.


  • 1-1/2'' ID rubber hose, expandable from 3' to 14'
  • Kink and crush-resistant hose
  • Includes: (1) 2-1/4'' OD Swiveling Port; (1) 1'' Swiveling Rubber Dust Port; (1) 1-1/2'' Swiveling Rubber Dust Port

PRICE:$39.99 US
April 2015
Carl Duguay
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