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Brad Early of Winnipeg, MB

Dust Collector for Routers.
Gets Nearly All Sawdust!

The Dust Router virtually eliminates dust produced on the router table. The patented design captures dust at the source below the table while allowing full adjustment of the router bit cutting position. A second hose and fitting attaches to your existing router fence connection point to evacuate dust produced above the table. Both points connect through the included T fitting to any 2-1/4” shop vacuum hose or to 2-1/2” dust collection hose. Protect your lungs with this simple effective router dust collection system.

Dale N wrote ”On July 8/15 I bought the Dust Collector for Routers. When I received it I looked at it and thought: "Could this thing actually work?" Well, it does. It works beautifully. It collects about 99% of the dust and allows me complete access to the router under the table. This is an incredible tool. Thanks for carrying it”


If the Dust Router does not fit, can it be returned? Yes! Unused returns are accepted for 90 days from invoice date, however, no returns without prior consent. Please call 1-800-387-5716 for a return authorization number.

Can router bits be changed from the top side of router tables after the silicone dust cup is installed? Yes, since the dust cup collapses when the collet is raised, wrenches can be positioned on both the lower and upper collet nuts. This can be difficult in some configurations but can be easier when using an offset wrench on the bottom nut.

Are there other options for changing tool bits on the top side of router tables besides using offset wrenches? Yes, another option that should facilitate the changing of tool bits is the use of a collet extension which when installed should allow the collet to be raised with minimal collapse of the dust cup and easy access to the collet nuts.

Can collet nuts be accessed underneath the router table and below the collapsible dust cup? This may be possible but it will depend on the type of router table and router that is being used and the length of the router collet spindle.

If the dust cup is damaged, is there a way to repair it? Yes, since the dust cup is made of silicone rubber, silicone adhesive, found in most hardware stores, can be used to mend cut sections of the cup.

Can oversized bits be lowered into the dust cup? Bits larger than the inside diameter of the dust cup, which is slightly less than 3 inches, can not be lowered into the cup and the cup would have to be removed to perform such operations.

How long are the hoses that come with the Dust Router kit? The small hose is 9 inches and the long hose is 22 inches.

Will the dust cup prevent motor burnout? The dust cup has design features such as the rounded bottom which should facilitate the flow of air around the router motor. In addition, since the evacuation of dust is accomplished with a vacuum source, the air flow around the router motor is actually increased.

Can different types of vacuums be attached to the T connector? The T connector opening accepts the most common shop vacuum hoses which are 2 ½” in diameter. Other size hoses may require an adaptor.

Will the Dust Router fit all router lifts and router bases? The mounting plate for the dust cup is adaptable to most if not all router lifts however, some router bases may be too thick to accommodate the silicone cup. Also the opening under the router needs to be at least 86mm (3-3/8”) diameter for the silicone cup to fit. Smaller routers are usually the only routers affected by this restriction.

Does it fit the Jessem lifts? Yes it fits the Jessem lifts but a little more work is required to complete the installation. Please read the manual (click here) to get a good understanding of what is required.

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