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dynaGlide Plus with HD4X

A dry-film lubricant, cleaner and conditioner for all tools and surfaces and all metals. Expressly formulated and compounded to extend the life of tools, machine parts and equipment.  
dynaGlide and dynaGlide Plus are Dual & Tri-Boundary dry lubricants with unique proprietary additives engineered for all tools and metal surfaces. HD4X is a proprietary rust and corrosion preventive that blocks oxidation on all metals.
dynaGlide Plus with HD4XTM protects in extreme conditions of pressure, heat and moisture:
  • Creates a dry-film boundary that carries a 3,300 lbs load carrying capacity (six times US military spec)
  • Will protect all metals from warping or overheating up to 450 degrees 
  • Water and humidity will not diminish the effectiveness of the HD4XTM film
  • Cleans and prevents router bearing heat build-up to extend bearing life
  • Extends sharp cutting life of all saws, bits, routers and shapers
  • Removes and prevents resin adhesion and build-up on abrasives
  • Cleans and prevents resin and glue build-up on any metal, plastic, or rubber surface
  • Eliminates drag and build-up on table beds & saws blades 
  • Use on woodworking and metal tools, safe for use on any metal – will not harm wood
  • Prevents rust and corrosion from forming on metals (400 to 600 hours in salt spray test)
Best results are achieved with two initial cleanings of metal surfaces with dynaGlide® formula before the first conditioned application use. Thereafter one cleaning/conditioning application of dynaGlide formula renews the metal surface for continued use.