Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier fan

Dyson intelligently captures the invisible threat in your home

Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier fan

The Dyson Pure Cool™ Link purifier fan automatically removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.
April 12, 2016 - The air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside¹, and we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors.² A clear problem that needed solving.
Dyson engineers have combined their expertise in fluid dynamics and filtration systems with software to develop the new Dyson Pure Cool™ Link. Dyson Pure Cool™ Link is an app-connected, intelligent purifier that gives you an indication of the air quality in your home, while automatically removing the pollutants it detects. It reports the live indoor and outdoor air quality via the new Dyson Link App, allowing users to remotely control their indoor air quality at all times – making the invisible visible, at the tap of a finger.  
James Dyson says: “We think it is polluted outside of our homes, but the air inside can be far worse. Dyson engineers focused on developing a purifier that automatically removes ultrafine allergens, odours and pollutants from the indoor air, feeding real time air quality data back to you.” 
According to the Government of Canada, household products like furniture, wallpaper and cleaning products can emit gases into your indoor air.³ Others include gases from cooking and central heating, mould, pet hair, pollen and allergens. Invisible to the naked eye, these ultrafine and potentially harmful particles can travel easily through the air in our homes and into our lungs. Air purifiers can help combat indoor pollution. But existing purifiers often use inefficient filters, allowing potentially harmful, ultrafine particles to escape back to the room.
The new Dyson Pure Cool™ Link purifier fan uses a unique 360° Glass HEPA filter. This technology removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air – keeping them in the filter. It doesn’t stop there; sensors inside the machine detect changes in conditions before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain target air quality. The machine projects cleaner, purified air around the room, evenly and quietly. It purifies all year round and doubles up as a fan to cool you in the summer.
The air surrounding us can contain a mixture of these gases and particles:

Inside air quality monitoring
A team of 50 Dyson software and mechanical engineers were tasked to make the problem of indoor air pollution visible. The new Dyson Link App, developed for iOS and Android, will allow users to:
  • Remotely monitor the inside air quality via the app – even if they are out of the house. Users can stay on top of the air quality inside their homes and set new air quality targets before ‘very poor’ levels are reached. 
  • Keep track of the air quality history, allowing them to see peak pollution times, such as when they are cleaning or cooking. If auto mode is selected, the machine can then automatically react to the monitored air quality. 
Live outdoor air quality data 
Dyson engineers wanted users to gain live insights into air quality indoors, but also outdoors. Working with air quality data analytics company, BreezoMeter, Dyson engineers have developed the Dyson Link App to allow Dyson owners to keep an eye on the live outdoor air quality in a location of their choice.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link™ purifier fan will be available in Canada on April 12th on DysonCanada.ca and late April in select major retailers.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016