Easy to Build Birdhouses - A Natural Approach: Book Review

If you’ve ever wanted to build a birdhouse or feeder, Hamler has written a book that will help you to complete a first-rate project.

Easy to Build Birdhouses - A Natural Approach

Easy to Build Birdhouses - A Natural Approach

This is a book that’s easy to like. Who, after all, doesn’t admire the color and musical sounds of birds around the house? Well, this book provides the plans for twenty-six birdhouses and feeders to attract our avian friends.
Part 1 covers construction basics, materials and hardware as they pertain to birdhouses and feeders. The information reflects the fact that these structures will be exposed to the elements 24/7/365 and pays particular attention to things like weather resistant woods, waterproof adhesives, exterior paints, rustproof hardware and fastenings. A very useful chart provides the key measurements (floor size, house height, entry hole diameter, entry hole height, mounting height and notes) for twenty-eight common North American birds. There is also a useful section on how to attract birds to your structures.
Part 2 presents the plans for twelve birdhouses (including one for butterflies) that are of a more traditional design and intended to blend in with their natural surroundings. There are plenty of photos and illustrations, straightforward text, lots of tips, materials lists, and so on, to help even the novice builder complete a successful project.
Obviously, Hamler felt that if you’re going to house the birds, you should feed them as well and Part 3 presents the plans for five feeders including a squirrel feeder intended as a diversion for the furry critters.
What really sets this book apart are the plans for nine whimsical birdhouses in Part 4. Have you ever visualized a birdhouse in the form of a NASA space capsule, Old Mother Hubbard’s shoe or even an outhouse? Well Hamler has, and he provides the plans for them plus six other similarly creative birdhouses. These houses are not only functional, they are also very decorative and would look great in anyone's backyard. The level of difficulty is somewhat higher than that of the more traditional birdhouses presented in Part 2, but still well within the abilities and experience of the average woodworker.
If you’ve ever wanted to build a birdhouse or feeder, Hamler has written a book that will help you to complete a first-rate project.




  • A Bit of Bird Business
  • One With Nature
  • Feeding Time
  • Feathered Fun
  • Suppliers
  • Index
PUBLISHER:Popular Woodworking
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 144 pages
AUTHOR:A.J. Hamler

Gerry Tsuji
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