Easy Wire Burning Kit

Easy Wire Burning Kit

Easy Wire Burning Kit

Don’t Replace Your Tool, Replace Components with Easy Wood Tools’ Easy Wire Burning Kit, a Carl Jacobson Signature Tool

LEXINGTON, Ky., 2019 —Easy Wood Tools, the leading manufacturer of replaceable carbide-tipped turning tools, and Carl Jacobson, a highly skilled woodworker, woodturner, and leading YouTube personality, collaborated to design the Easy Wire Burning Kit, a tool that adds beautiful details to any turning project. Unlike other burning tools in the market today, if the wire breaks, users don’t throw away the entire tool—they simply replace the low-cost wire and start turning their pen, plate, bowl, or other project immediately.

“We’re always looking to solve a problem, find better turning efficiencies, and increase cost effectiveness for turners,” said Chris Caliendo, president, Easy Wood Tools. “And the Easy Wire Burning Kit does all three. It was a pleasure working with Carl to bring this new and unique tool to market.”

Jacobson said, “I’ve gone through plenty of wire burners before; I hated throwing out and buying new every time. This design just makes better sense—if you break a wire, you just replace the wire. It’s a simple thing, but it feels like we reinvented the wheel!”

Each kit includes two robust, sure-grip handles made of American maple and nine quickly-replaceable wires in three lengths and three gauges. Alternate lengths are perfect for different size projects: six-inch for pens, rings, and small vessels; nine-inch for bowls and other medium-sized projects; and 18-inch for bowls, plates, and other large shapes. Each gauge is color-coded so users quickly know just how wide their burn design will be: .016 is red; .020 is white; and .026 is blue.

The kit is available at retail and online for $49.99. Replaceable wires (three in a pack) range from $7.99 to $8.99.

Thursday, May 9, 2019