Elipse Half-Face Mask Respirator Review

A light weight respirator that is comfortable to wear, and delivers maximum protection from the finest dust.

Elipse Half-Face Mask Respirator

Elipse Half-Face Mask Respirator

Keeping dust out of your lungs should be a #1 priority for every woodworker, whether hobbyist or professional. Disposable dust masks are the most common type of lung protection used in workshops. They typically provide a filtration efficiency of at least 95% against solid and liquid particles that don't contain oil – these are referred to as N95 dust masks (or respirators). However, the effectiveness of a dust mask isn't only determined by the filtration efficiency. Equally important in reducing exposure to dust is fit. If a respirator doesn't seal properly against the face, the fine airborne particulate matter can easily penetrate the seal around your nose and mouth.

The problem I've found with disposable dust masks is that they're easily damaged by crushing, folding, stuffing it into a pocket, or tossing onto a workbench. The thin elastic bands that hold them to the face are often simply stapled to the mask, and are easy to break and often don't remain tight enough to produce a good seal. The nose clips, which are generally a thin wafer band of metal, are easily bent out of shape or become unattached.

Respirators are really a much better choice when it comes to dust protection. Two of the most important features I look for in a respirator is comfort and weight. I want a respirator I can wear for an extended period of time without it causing my face to sweat, irritating the bridge of my nose, affecting my breathing, or feeling to heavy. The best respirator is one that I hardly notice after I put it on.

The GVS Elipse 
Half-Face Mask Respirator has become my new go-to respirator. It has just about everything I like in a respirator, and is economically priced.

The body is made of a medical grade thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE), a light, supple, rubber or plastic polymer that is latex, silicon, and odour free. The 'medical' means that it meets certain ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for non-toxicity, irritation and delayed type hypersensitivity. 


The dual close pleated HESPA (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter) filters have a P100 rating, meaning they have a filter efficiency of 99.995% against dust, mists, and fumes (slightly less for those with facial hair). The filters are resistant to humidity and can be cleaned and reused, though you need to take care not to damage the filter material. Eventually, of course, you'll need to replace the filters. A 2-pack is priced at around $34.


There is a large central non-return air valve that helps keep heat and moisture from building up under the mask.


The wide straps are quick to adjust, and hold the mask firmly in place without placing too much pressure where they contact skin. 


At only 4.65 ounces (with filters installed), this is the lightest respirator I've used. I find it very comfortable and the fit, particularly over the nose and around the bottom of the chin, is excellent – even though I have a short beard. I've worn the mask for upwards of 30 minutes at a time, and there was no perspiration build-up on the inside of the mask.

If you're looking for a very light weight respirator that is comfortable to wear, and delivers maximum protection from the finest dust, then the GVS Elipse Half-Face Mask Respirator is definitely worth considering.


  • Body: Medical Grade TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Filters: HESPA (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter)
  • Filter Rating: NIOSH P100
  • Weight: 4.65 ounces
  • Central Non-Return Air Valve
  • Twin Filters
  • Non-Slip Adjustable Straps
  • Sizes: Small/Medium; Medium/Large

COMPANY:GVS Filter Technology
SPR457 (M/L)
SOURCE:Lee Valley


Carl Duguay
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