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Enhanced Accuride 9300 slide now supports up to 600 pounds

Accuride 9300 Slides

The 9300 slides have been enhanced to include a 20% load rating increase and improved sensorial movement.
Santa Fe Springs, CA -- Accuride’s goal is to deliver the best movement solutions in the world. We’ve invested over 10,000 hours in re-engineering 9300 slides to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ needs.
The following models have been enhanced: 
  • 9301E -- Full-extension slide, supporting lengths up to 60”
  • 9307E – Lock-out feature that secures drawers in an open position
  • 9308E – Lock-In/Lock-Out feature secures drawers in either open or closed position
The 9300 series can now support loads of up to 600 lbs., outperforming other slides in its class in benchmark testing. In addition to the increased load rating, the sensorial movement is receiving a significant upgrade with the addition of shock-absorbing ball spacer bumpers.
Accuride’s tagline of Always Moving Forward is quite apparent with these latest enhancements. Even with the 9300 being one of the strongest in its class, Accuride saw an opportunity to improve. Accuride’s expert engineers spent hours designing, testing, and re-imagining the slides to improve these slides. “These enhancements are just another way we’re widening the gap against the competition” said vice president of sales and marketing Sid Kalantar.
Thursday, June 1, 2017