Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

Convenient, compact, and extendable magnetic flashlight is a tool kit essential.


Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

The EMF-2 has an aluminum body with a textured pattern milled onto the handle that provides a more secure grip. In its compact mode the body is 6-3/4" long. Pull the head away from the body and you can extend the flashlight to 21-3/4", which makes it very handy for those occasions when you need to get a light source up and close.
The slim design, and 4 ounces weight means that the EMF-2 takes up very little space in a tool kit. And, there is a handy pocket clip should you choose to tote the flashlight in pants or jacket pocket.

Flexible neck             
The 2-1/4" long neck on the EMF-2 enables you to twist the head in virtually any direction, making it easy to focus the light just where its needed. Once positioned, the head stays in place.

Rubber covered on-off push button          
The rubber covered on-off button is easily accessibly by thumb — a single push turns the light on, a second push turns it off.

Battery carrier            
The EMF-2 is powered by four LR44 1.5V alkaline batteries (referred to as button cell or coin batteries), which come with the flashlight, for a total of 6V of power. They fit into a plastic carrier that is installed into the head of the flashlight. Replacement batteries cost approximately $1.25 per unit.
It's hard to predict battery life, but I've operated the EMF-2 for upwards of four hours and the batteries are still good to go.

Three bright LED bulbs       
The three LED bulbs produce an exceptionally bright white light. A thick glass lens protects the bulbs from damage. LED bulbs have a very long life span, and these should last the life of the flashlight.
The metal rim surrounding the glass lens is magnetized, making it very handy for picking up metal items that are difficult to reach by hand. It's great for retrieving small screws, washers, bolts and the like that roll off the workbench.
The rim is slightly elevated above the glass, so it also provides some protection for the lens when retrieving metal objects. The magnet is quite strong - I was able to retrieve an 11-ounce ratchet wrench from the floor.

Inspection mirror      
A removable inspection mirror comes with the EMF-2. The 1-3/8" diameter mirror is mounted on an articulating arm with dual ball joints that enables the mirror to turn a full 360°. A metal ring in the base of the arm attaches, magnetically, to the head of the flashlight.
The mirror is handy for peering into hard to reach places, particularly as you can use the mirror to reflect light into otherwise, dark, inaccessible spots inside shop machinery.

Magnetic base          
The 3/4" diameter magnet on the base of the flashlight is one of the strongest I've used. I could easily pick up a 14-pound block of steel. The magnetic base enables you to use the EMF-2 as a mini work light, hands-free.
For under $20 this is a handy accessory to have around the shop or home, even if you're unlikely to use the mirror. It's compact, light in weight, extends almost 22" so you can reach into awkward spaces, and has a strong magnets on both ends for retrieving objects or using the flashlight hands-free.


  • Aluminum body
  • 6-3/4" closed, 21-3/4" opened
  • Magnetic head and base
  • 2-1/4" flexible shaft
  • Removable inspection mirror rotates 360°
  • Pocket clip 
  • 3 LED lights
  • Powered by four 1.5V alkaline batteries (included)
  • 4 ounce weight
COMPANY:Sensible Products
SOURCE:Call 773-774-7400 to locate a dealer
Carl Duguay, December 2012

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