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A rip claw, framing style hammer that's bang on for quality and comfort.

Fatmax High Velocity 14oz Framing Hammer

Fatmax High Velocity 14oz Framing Hammer

A short while ago I reviewed the Stanley FatMax Xtreme MIG15 framing hammer, a rip claw style hammer with a 15 ounce strike head. This new framing hammer – the Fatmax High Velocity 14oz Framing Hammer – is almost identical to the MIG15, except that it sports a 14 ounce head. In fact, both share the same model number: 15-124. This hammer doesn't appear on the Stanley Tools website, which likely means that it's only available in Canada.

Top: 15oz MIG15; Bottom: 14oz High Velocity

You could be excused for thinking that these are basically the same hammer, and indeed the difference are fairly minute. Both hammers clock in at almost the same weight – 1.8 pounds, with the 14oz hammer just a half ounce heavier. Closing my eyes and randomly picking up and swinging each hammer, I couldn't tell any difference in head weight, balance, or comfort. I could use either of them without feeling my arm was going to fall off at the end of the work day.

Great welding job

Both of these hammers are MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welded from three thin pieces of forged steel, to produce a light weight yet durable hammer. The main advantage of MIG welding is that it produces very clean welds, evident when you look at how the head and claw piece is welded to the handle (photo above) – smooth, with no pinholes or gaps.

Slight difference in the claw and slope of the handle

As you can see in the photo above, the claw on the 14oz. is more curved than on the 15oz., and the neck is straight. I have a slight preference for the more curved claw when pulling nails or prying boards apart.

Nice face with a beveled rim

As on the 15oz the striking face is dual tempered, making it better able to withstand hard blows against metal. The face is milled in a standard waffle pattern with a slight crown across its 1-1/2" width. This minimizes nail deflection and bending by helping to center hammer blows. The face also has a beveled rim around the face that helps minimize the risk of chipping the face in the event of an off-center blow.

Good shock absorption

I felt that the rubber padded handle did a good job of absorbing some of the shock – better than a solid wood handle, though not as effective as a titanium hammer.

All in all, this Fatmax High Velocity 14oz Framing Hammer does a bang-up job – it's light in weight, solid all-steel construction, well-balanced, good sized strike face, and an effective claw.


  • Overall length: 16-1/2"
  • Weight: 1.9  lbs
  • Head weight: 14 ounces
  • Strike face: 1-1/2" waffle design
  • MIG-Welded 100% steel
  • Dual tempered head rims & claw
  • Vibration absorbing grip
  • Magnetic nail starter

MADE IN:Mexico
SOURCE:Where to Buy
October 2014
Carl Duguay
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