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Very good quality snips at a competitive price.


FatMax Xtreme Aviation Snips

Aviation snips are the ideal tool for cutting tin, aluminum and other light gauge sheet metals, wire and other soft metals, and even vinyl siding. They come in three blade patterns: left cutting, right cutting and center cutting. Left and right snips cut in straight lines and tight curves (to the left or right), while straight snips cut in straight lines and wide left or right curves.
The Stanley FatMax Xtreme Aviation Snips have all the features you would expect from a professional grade tool, plus a few extras.
These snips have a forged chrome molybdenum alloy body with titanium-nitride coated blades, which, according to Stanley, stay sharper up to 10-times longer than any of their other snips. You can expect up to 50,000 cycles per tool when cutting 18-gauge cold rolled steel. That's a lifetime of snipping for anyone other than a snipaholic.

Titanium-nitrate coated blades
Flush hardware
The serrated jaw blades on these FatMax Xtreme snips really help to minimize material slippage and reduce twisting. Another nice feature is that the locking nut and bolt are flush with the side of the tool, which helps to keep metal from catching on the tool, and makes it easier to insert and withdraw the tool from your tool pouch. There is an auto release latch that holds the jaws closed for storage, yet allows for easy and fast one-handed operation. Finally, the grips are oil and grease resistant, and have a hang hole on the end of one arm.

Auto release latch
Hang hole
I found these snips worked extremely well; the blades slide past each other smoothly, the auto release latch is easy to use, and the handle quite comfortable. Over a four week period I used it to cut copper sheeting, 10 gauge copper wiring, steel web strapping, and to trim the heads off 12d nails. The blades still look brand new. With a price tag of under $20 it certainly doesn't make sense to purchase a cheap snip.

  • Titanium-nitride coated blades
  • Forged chrome molybdenum alloy body
  • Flush hinge hardware
  • Internal locking mechanism

Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:from $19.99
Model #:14-206 (center cut)
14-207 (left cut)
14-208 (right cut)
Made In:China
Carl Duguay, December 2010
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