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Does the world need another level? After trying the new FatMax Xtreme Clamping Level, I think we just might be able to cope with one more


FatMax Xtreme Clamping Level

The FatMax comes in both 24" and 28" lengths, and as with most levels, it has three vials. The two in the body are covered with plastic windows; the vial on the top edge is uncovered. However, in the unlikely event the dials get damaged all three can be replaced. What I especially like about the dials is that they are large, making them easy to read. The level has a bridged center (the 'Max Edge') that runs the full length along the back edge of the level. It's very convenient, as you have a continuous marking edge. The body is 1-1/2" wide (the standard width of a stud) and 2-15/16" high (which seems an odd measurement). Stanley provides a lifetime accuracy warranty, guaranteeing that the level will remain accurate within .0005".

Large vials
A bridged center provides a continuous marking edge
What really sets this level apart from others on the market is the double clamping system built into the ends of the level. There are spring clamps that you push out to grab onto the narrow side of a stud; the small serrated teeth on the jaw edges hold the level securely in place. There are also plastic arms that fold out from the sides of the spring clamps, which enable you to clamp the level to a 3-1/2" (4 by 4) post. Both sets of clamps work well, even when used at a steep angle. Plastic end caps help protect the level from the bump and grind of life on the construction site. The back of the level has a milled surface that helps keep the level from sliding on smooth or wet surfaces.

Grabs firmly onto any 2-by
Also clamps to any 4-by
This is a heavy duty, durable level that should give years of reliable service. Small and light enough to carry around in a tool kit yet rugged enough to handle rigorous job site use.

Small serrated teeth grab stock securely
Milled back helps keep the level from sliding


  • 1-1/2" x 2-15/16" x 24" or 28" lengths
  • Clamps to 2x4 and 4x4 stock
  • Shock absorbing end caps
  • Lifetime accuracy warranty (guaranteed accurate to .0005")

Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$99.99
Model #:43-823-1
Made In:n.a.
Carl Duguay, September 2010
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