FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box

A sturdy water resistant box with 42 gallon storage capacity and 130 pound weight limit


FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box

Keeping your work tools organized and secure is reasonably important, particularly if you're regularly moving them from one job site to another. A tool box tossed into the back of your truck just won't cut it.
The new FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box (036800R) is a conventional storage box connected to an innovative docking station, which is bolted to a truck bed. The storage box can be locked to the docking station, yet quickly and easily removed for transportation to the job site.
The storage box measure about 22" high by 19" deep and 44" long. It's made of a high impact structural foam plastic. The box has a 42 gallon capacity and can carry a maximum of 130 pounds of tools. It's virtually waterproof; I've left it out in several rain storms and there hasn't been any water seepage into the box. The top of the box is quite rigid, and can support up to 285 pounds. We've been using it in place of a saw horse (it's a lot more stable), as a mini-assembly table (we place a piece of scrap ply on top just in case), and as a place to park our butts during coffee breaks.

42 gallon capacity
42 gallons fills up quickly
On one end are a pair of heavy duty 8-1/2" rubber wheels and an auxiliary handle, and on the other end is a handle that extends out 16". When fully extended the handle locks into position so that you can either pull or push the box. Moving the box around, even when fully loaded, is very easy. The large wheels, and a recessed section ahead of the wheels, provides good clearance when navigating around a work site. And, of course, those rubber wheels won't ever go flat. Lifting a fully loaded box into or out of the truck is another thing; for this you'll want help, unless you have a pair of truck ramps.

Large rubber wheels make for easy navigation around a work site
Auxiliary handle is handy when you need to man-handle a fully loaded box onto or
off a truck
As with any decent tool box, the FatMax truck box has a standard keyed lock on the cover. Additionally it has a unique integrated security system that features a keyed combination lock and alarm. So, you can lock the box with the key alone, or you can lock the box with the combination lock and benefit from the integrated alarm system. The combo lock/alarm operates off of four C batteries. If anyone breaks into the box a 107 decibel alarm sounds; enough to deter most thugs and to attract your attention.
I found the combination lock convenient to use, and my alarm code easy to remember (you can use any 4 digit number). The lock doesn't consume a lot of power so the batteries should last quite a while before needing to be replaced.

Fully extendable handle
Combination lock and integrated alarm
The inside dimensions of the box are 17-7/8" high x 17-1/4" deep x 33" wide. A piston does most of the work opening the lid, and holds it firmly in the open position. The latches are all steel, so shouldn't rust. At one end of the box is a removable vertical tool storage tray. It will hold a hammer, measuring tape, and an assortment of chisels, screw drivers and similar tools.
Everything else just gets tossed into the box. I would have like to see at least a couple of removable dividers in the box. If you fill the box largely with power and hand tools, anything on the bottom is a bit difficult to extract, particularly if it's fairly small.

Conventional key lock
Piston helps open and shut lid smoothly
Apart from the alarm system, what really sets the FatMax truck box apart from other tool boxes is the docking station. The docking station gets bolted to the base of your truck box with five supplied bolts and inserts. Bolting it to the bed of your truck is pretty easy, though you'll want to be careful that you don't damage any cables or lines that run under the truck. You're pretty well limited to installing the docking station to the back of the truck. Make sure that it's not so far back that you can't shut the tail gate.

Latches are all steel
Removable storage tray
After the docking station is installed you can roll the box onto it. The box is held very securely in place. You don't need to lock the box onto the station unless you plan on leaving the truck unattended. The same key that locks the lid locks the box to the station. I found that the box slides easily onto and off the docking station.

Docking station ready for installation
Docking station installed and box mounted
Once installed, the docking station isn't really removable. If you use your truck to cart around gravel or other types of fill, or to cart lumber and other material to the dump, then you'll need to cover the docking station with a thick piece of canvas or similar material to protect it from damage.

Unlocking the box
Sliding box onto tail gate
I've had the FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box installed on my Ranger for the better part of four weeks now, and I'm quite pleased with it. It holds a circ saw, recip saw, power cord, loaded tool belt, nailer, and a whack of hand tools and fasteners. 42 gallons does seem like a lot, but it sure fills up quickly. I can leave my work site tools permanently in the box on the truck, and only remove the box at the work site, or when I need to use the whole of the truck bed.
Having the docking station permanently installed on my Ranger isn't an inconvenience, as the bed is not wide enough to accommodate a full sheet of ply (the ply has to sit atop the wheel wells). I was somewhat concerned that the plastic covering on the docking station would crack if too much weight was put on it. However, I throw a thick piece of carpet over the docking station when I'm loading building materials; so far no problem.

A mighty man can unload the box alone; but it's best to have a helper or truck ramps
Easy, secure transit of your tools
The FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box is a great way to protect and store your tools. The docking station is easy to install and it holds the storage box securely in place. Depending on what you store in the box, 42 gallons can hold a lot of hand and power tools.
If you place a premium on your tools, then the FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box is definitely worth a close look.



  • 22-1/4" H x 19" D x 44" L
  • 42 gallon storage capacity
  • 130 lbs maximum inside weight/285 lbs maximum outside weight
  • Docking station attached to truck
  • Integrated alarm system (107 decibles)
  • Lockable (comes with 3 keys)
  • Removable vertical tool storage tray
  • Water resistant
  • 8-1/2" wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • 1 year warranty

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
MODEL #:036800R
MADE IN:Mexico

Carl Duguay, August 2010
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