FeatherPRO Featherboard

A lightweight, non-marring featherboard with excellent kickback control.

FeatherPRO Featherboard

FeatherPRO Featherboard

Featherboards are fairly simple, but indispensable, woodworking accessories. They're designed to keep stock tight against the table saw or router fence for safer and cleaner ripping and routing operations. They apply even, constant pressure so that you get more consistently accurate cuts, and, they virtually eliminate kickback. You can make your own featherboards, though they're fairly inexpensive to purchase. Plus, you don't have to root around to find all the necessary hardware components you'll need, and there's no fiddling to fine tune the featherboards. It's just install and use.

You wouldn't think the woodworking world needs yet another featherboard design - there are so many currently on the market. But, after using the FeatherPRO over the last couple of weeks, I'm thinking 'maybe just one more'.

Top and bottom views

At first glance the FeatherPRO looks a lot like any other slot-mounted featherboard. It's made of a high-grade thermoplastic polymer and has a pair of standard 3/4" aluminum clamp rails that fit in the miter slots of all table saws and probably most router tables. Large sturdy easy-to-grip 5-star knobs lock the rails in place.

What is distinctively different are the fingers (i.e. the 'feathers'). They're made from closed cell Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), aka 'expanded rubber'. It's a widely used polymer that is compacted and molded to form a porous material similar to rubber. It's very tough, yet highly flexible, and resilient, so it returns to its original shape after being compressed. The feather insert on the the FeatherPRO have several advantages over wood or plastic feathers: they won't mar your stock; their smooth surface makes it easy to push the stock along the featherboard; they help absorb vibration; and they won't damage your saw blades or router bits.

The unique design tightly grips stock

Under tension, the feathers on the FeatherPRO compress slightly, applying pressure against the stock. As the stock passes by feathers, tension is released, and the feathers return to their original configuration. I find 
sufficient flex in the feathers to hold stock firmly in place.

Replaceable feathers

You don't need a left and a right set of these featherboards.  They're reversible by simply flipping the feather insert over and reversing the rails and knobs. Should the feather insert become damaged, a replacement 2-pack can be had for around $15. There is also a lighter weight version of the feather insert available, ostensibly for use with thin, narrow stock.

Works like a charm

I've used a lot of different brands of featherborads over the past couple of decades – these FeatherPRO units are comparable to any of the best models on the market. The feather insert works very well – I've used the FeatherPRO for slicing a pile of 1/8" thick mahogany splines, and each one was spot on. The feathers are more flexible than on other featherboards, which I find better for sawing and routing narrow stock. I also milled some longer, wider stock for table aprons, and found that the FeatherPRO provided excellent holding power.

On a table saw I generally use on a single featherboard, however on my router table I use two, one on the table, exerting side pressure, and another on the fence, exerting downward pressure. The FeatherPRO is only available in a single unit, so you may want to order two units. 


  • Overall size: 3/4" x 8-3/4" x 8"
  • 6 feathers (reversible, replaceable)
  • 5-7/8" of travel
  • Thermoplastic polymer body, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate feather insert
  • 1 year warranty

PRICE:$29.99 US

Carl Duguay
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