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Extra power, lower noise, and decreased vibration make the FMM350Q the best MultiMaster yet.

Fein Multimaster FMM350Q Review

Fein Multimaster FMM350Q

The last significant upgrade to the Fein MultiMaster was in 2007, with the introduction of the innovative tool-free QuickIN clamping system, which enables the user to remove and install accessories in a matter of seconds. The QuickIN system significantly decreased the time it takes to switch accessories, an important consideration for a tool that is so versatile as the MultiMaster.

The newest version of the MultiMaster, the model FMM350Q, has addressed two issues that have been an ongoing bone of contention with MultiMaster users - vibration and noise. Coupled with an increase in motor power, these upgrades reaffirm the MultiMaster as the premier oscillating tool on the market.

The FMM350Q shares the same lineage as the model it's replacing, the FMM250Q, and the still available cordless version, the AFMM14. If you're not familiar with the MultiMaster take a look at our review of the AFMM14. The basic features that have made previous versions of the MultiMaster so popular are still intact:

  • Soft-start motor for smoother speed acceleration.
  • Electronic speed control, which delivers constant speed under load.
  • All-metal gear case for maximum durability and long tool life.
  • Unique QuickIN tool clamping system for easy peasy accessory changeover.
  • Integrated interface at the front of the tool that enables additional system accessories such as a depth stop and drill stand to be mounted to the tool.
  • Top mounted power switch for easy thumb access and control.
  • 8-star mounting arbor for optimal transfer of power from the arbor to the blade.
  • Super long power cord that generally eliminates the need to deal with extension cords.
(L) Fein MultiMaster Start Q; (R) Fein MultiMaster Top

The MultiMaster FMM350Q comes in two kit formats. The 'Start Q' kit ($249.99) consists of a basic set of accessories. It's a good choice for anyone who is upgrading to a new oscillating tool and already has a lot of accessories. It includes:

  • Nylon tool bag
  • Triangular sander backing pad
  • Nine sanding sheets (80, 120, and 180 grits)
  • #152 saw blade.
For an extra $130 the 'Top' kit includes a much wider selection of accessories, and a sturdier storage case. For anyone who'll be using the MultiMaster on a consistent basis the Top kit is a much more economical choice. It includes:

  • Durable hard shell storage case
  • Triangular sander backer pad
  • Twelve sanding sheets in various grits
  • Perforated triangular sander backer pad
  • Twelve perforated sanding sheets
  • 4-1/4" sanding backer pad
  • Six sanding discs
  • #152, #160, and #161 saw blades
  • HSS segment saw blade
  • Carbide segment blade
  • Carbide rasp
  • Rigid scraper blade
  • Extraction attachment for dust free sanding
The important upgrades are internal

The important upgrades to the MultiMaster are inside the tool. The FMM350Q sports a 350-watt motor – delivering 40% more power than the FMM250Q. The motor runs very smoothly at every speed level whether you're doing heavy duty sanding, cutting, or sawing. A smooth running tool is important when you want to make precise cuts, particularly where those cuts may be visible, or when the quality of the cuts can affect the integrity of an assembly.

While more power is great to have, it's the 
fully decoupled motor housing that I'm most impressed with, as it appreciably decreases tool vibration – Fein claims a 70% reduction. While I can't confirm that figure, I did find that this new anti-vibration system works very well, particularly as you move to the higher speeds. Anyone who has used an oscillating tool before will know how much they can vibrate, and how the vibration can cause discomfort in hands and arms after long-term use – which makes the vibration reduction on the FMM350Q such a welcome enhancement. 

One of the major complains with previous MultiMasters was how loud they ran. Not any more. Isolating the motor housing from the drive head also serves to reduce noise – up to 50% according to Fein. I noticed that the noise reduction is most noticeable as the lower speeds. As you move to the maximum speed setting the FMM350Q is still loud enough to warrant hearing protection if you use it for more than a few minutes at a time, but it's still noticeably quieter than its predecessor.


I only had the opportunity to use the FMM350Q for a couple of weeks. During that period I used the tool, equipped with the new Falx by Fein oscillating blades and the new Fein Long-Life blades to cut hardwood, softwood, laminate flooring, and nails. The extra power and lower noise are welcome, but the reduced vibration is, in my view, the standout feature on this tool. The combination of a premium tool and an outstanding blade made it so much easier to make precision saw cuts in hardwood, and made quick work of cutting embedded nails.

Renovators, flooring installers, finish carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and the like, looking to buy a premium oscillating tool with a robust body and motor, that's runs quieter and with less vibration, and has the widest range of accessories of any oscillating tool, will want to put the Fein FMM350Q at the top of their wish list.


  • 350W motor
  • All-metal gearbox
  • 10,000 to 19,500 oscillations per minute
  • 2 x 1.7° oscillating range
  • 8-point tool mount
  • QuickIN tool clamping system
  • Tacho generator (electronic speed control)
  • Up to 70% less vibration
  • Up to 50% less noise
  • Easier-to-read variable speed dial
  • Accessory mount interface
  • 3.1 pound weight
  • 13 foot durable rubber-clad power cable
  • 3 year warranty

PRICE:$249.99 (Start Kit)
$379.99 (Top Kit)
MADE IN:Germany
SOURCE:Dealer Search

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