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FEIN MultiMaster Special Edition Set
For the ultimate results, original FEIN multi-tools are the number 1 choice by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for interior construction and renovation. The FEIN MultiMaster has proven itself in millions of cases worldwide for over 50 years and satisfies the most demanding of requirements. It can be equipped with everything needed to make every day tough jobs that little bit easier, safer and better. Thanks to its innovative anti-vibration technology, it is smooth running, quiet, yet extremely powerful. The MultiMaster gives you access to the entire range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories, the largest selection of accessories on the market. The FEIN Special Edition Set, a special set not available in stores, includes extensive accessories for impressive versatility and comes in the handy double Systainer case.
Set includes:
1 FMM 350 QSL MultiMaster Tool
2 Systainers (Sys 1 + Sys 1)
1 E-Cut Universal saw blade 152, 2⅜ x 1¾"
1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 160, 1⅜ x 2"
1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 161, 2⁹⁄₁₆ x 2"
1 E-Cut Precision BIM saw blade 205, 1⅜ x 2"
1 E-Cut Precision BIM saw blade 208, 2⁹⁄₁₆ x 2"
1 carbide saw blade 169, 3⁹⁄₁₆"
1 rigid scraper blade 234
1 large perforated triangular sanding pad, edge length 5⅛"
6 large perforated triangular sanding sheets (60, 80, 180)
1 standard perforated triangular sanding pad
20 standard perforated sanding sheets (60, 80, 120, 180)
1 dust extraction device
MultiMaster Tool
  • Model FMM 350 QSL
  • 350 Watts
  • StarlockPlus snap-fit tool mount
  • Quick release lever
  • Amplitude 2 x 1.7°
  • Oscillations 10,000 - 19,500 rpm
Double Systainer - for systematic organization
The upper Systainer contains FEIN E-Cut saw blades, other oscillating multi-tool accessories and more. The tool is safely stowed in the lower Systainer. Safe and flexible tool and accessory storage keeps things tidy and organized and easy accessibility saves time. Systematic transportation: connect and disconnect several Systainers to one another using the click function. Can be combined with FEIN Turbo premium class dust extractors and all extractors with a Systainer fitting.
E-Cut Universal saw blade
Bimetal with corrugated HSS universal teeth. Wide range of applications for sheet metal up to 1/16" aluminium profiles, copper pipes, wood, drywall and plastics.
E-Cut Long-life saw blades
Bimetal with set HSS teeth for all wood, drywall and plastic materials. Outstanding life, high cutting quality and speed. Extremely robust, also cuts through nails in wood, masonry and more.
E-Cut Precision BIM saw blades
Bimetal with double-row of HSS Japanese teeth for all wood materials, drywall and soft plastics. Improved life and robustness. Lightning-quick cutting speed and maximum precision.
Carbide saw blade
For grout removal, cutting slots in plaster, porous concrete and similar construction materials, and for cleaning and reworking planked deck joints. Segment-shaped, ideal for working in corners and on edges without over cut.
Rigid scraper blade
Long version scraper blade for removal of stubborn paint, adhesive residue, carpet, tile adhesive, and under-seal.
Large triangular sanding pad
An edge length of 5⅛" offers 3 times the sanding capacity than standard pads. Perfect for use in addition to a floor sander or an eccentric sander. Good sanding pattern and no kickback in corners and on edges. Ideal for flooring renovation and for working on stairs. Perforated for sanding with dust extraction.
Standard triangular sanding pad
With an edge length 3⅛", small dimensions are ideal for sanding in corners, edges and tight spaces. Perforated for sanding with dust extraction.
Sanding sheets
In assorted grits for universal use from coarse to fine grinding on almost any material. Aluminum oxide and full resin bond guarantee fast material removal and minimal glazing. Perforated for use with backing pad and dust extraction system, hook and loop attachment.
Dust extraction device
For use with sanding and rasping accessories for a clean dust-free work place. Includes adaptors for connection to the most common dust extractors.

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