Foredom 2017 Catalogues

Foredom Electric Publishes 2017 Catalogues

Foredom 2017 Catalogues

Bethel, CT – The 2017 editions of the Foredom Power Tool and Rotary Accessories Catalogs have just been released.
The 56-page Power Tool Catalog is the largest ever and introduces a family of dust collection equipment designed to clean up work environments and make them safer. Foredom’s MADC20 Dust Collector is central to the line. This single station, whisper quiet model is powerful and simple to operate. It has a cyclone that pre-filters 99% of all debris and a HEPA filter with a Merv rating of 16 that elimi¬nates 99.98% of debris up to 0.3micron. The Dust Collector filters dust and debris from grinding, sanding, buffing, filing and polishing operations on wood, stone, diestone, metal, and plastic. 
Two new Work Chambers are members of the dust collection family and built to partner with the MADC20 or other dust collection system. The MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber is a semi-enclosed unit for dental and other lab technicians, jewelers, carvers, and fab¬ricators working with small workpieces. It features a 2-1/2x magnifier, bright LED light, and pivoting compressed air nozzle. Foredom’s MALC30 Jumbo Work Chamber is a semi-enclosed, substantial sheet metal unit ideal for woodcarvers and fabricators of all kinds working with small to medium size workpieces. It’s shield and LED Light offer excellent visibility and well-designed arm openings and padded arm rest provide full range of motion and comfort. The new MADCH-6 Fishmouth with bench pin, curved acrylic shield, and adjustable arm rests is the perfect addition to any bench with a GRS style mounting bracket to control and remove dust and debris.
The MAWS10 Mobile Work Station is a significant new product with a focus on work space efficiency and organization. Its tower struc¬ture, with built-in electrical outlets, allows users to stack multiple powered devices that would overwhelm most work surfaces. The Station has a motorized lift that adjusts the top platform up and down to work sitting or standing. The Mobile Work Station is a unique solution for small and overcrowded work spaces as it brings together combinations of Foredom and other power equipment in a footprint of only 16″ x 22″. Its heavy duty casters also permit easy transport of the unit wherever needed. 
The 36-page Foredom Rotary Accessories Catalog features a comprehensive selection of quality burs, cutters, points, buffs, drills, bands, discs, bobs, wheels, and brushes used for every type of rotary operation on virtually any material. These versatile products are available in different sizes, shapes, and grits with 3/32″, 1/8″, and 1/4″ size shanks for use in all rotary power tools including flexible shaft machines, air and electric grinders, compact bench lathes, and micromotors.

The catalog features mainly US-made products and several lines exclusive to Foredom, including: V Stones and CeramCut Blue Stones that are cool running, long lasting, and major improvements over standard aluminum oxide and silicon carbide mounted abrasive stones. Typhoon® Tungsten Carbide Burs have structurally aligned tungsten carbide points that do not load and make them an excellent choice for roughing out wood and other aggressive material removal.

Unmounted 2″ Diameter Accessories for use with Foredom’s Angle Grinder Attachment consume 5-pages of the Catalog. This relatively new and growing category includes Typhoon Carbide Discs; Abrasive, Flap, Cut Off and Felt Wheels; Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs, PSA Sanding Discs, and others in various grits and materials.

Unmounted Bench Lathe Accessories in various diameters is another important category that has been expanded to include 4″ Foam Rubber Wheels that quickly shape and smooth all metals, composites and wood. Also new are 4″ Unitized Non-Woven Fiber Wheels in 5 grits work on metals, acrylics and plastic. 
Thursday, December 29, 2016