Forrest Woodworker II 7.25" Ripping Blade | Canadian Woodworking

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The winner is:
Brian Boudens of Pembroke, ON

This dedicated 30-tooth Woodworker II RIPPING blade yields surprisingly smooth cuts right from your saw, eliminating the need for second-step finishing.

It’s perfect for low-resistance, easy-feed ripping of soft or hard woods of any thickness, and for fast ripping of plywood sheets without splintering the veneer.

The 7.25” diameter, thin kerf version is designed for lower power handheld circular saws.

Its standard bore fits 5/8” AND diamond-shaped arbors.  It also removes 25% less material than other blades.

This blade is an affordable—and highly useful—addition to your shop!

GiveAway ended: 31st July, 2017

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