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Efficient, easy-to-use, and reasonably quiet makes this an excellent choice for most homes.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1

Frigidaire Dehumidifier

MODEL:FFAD7033R1: 70 pint
FFAD5033R1: 50 pint
FFAD3033R1: 30 pint
PRICE:FFAD7033R1: $319.00
FFAD5033R1: $279.00
FFAD3033R1: $239.00
SOURCE:Where to Buy
KEY FEATURES (FFAD7033R1 model):
Motor:1 HP
Air CFM:low: 930; high: 182 (FFAD7033R1; FFAD5033R1)
high 124 (FFAD3033R1)
Container Capacity:13.1 pints (FFAD7033R1; FFAD5033R1)
7.6 pints (FFAD3033R1)
Noise Level:51 dB (high)
Dimensions:15" W x 11-5/8" D x 24-7/16" H (FFAD7033R1; FFAD5033R1)
13-13/16 W x 10-1/2" D x 20-1/2" H (FFAD3033R1)
Weight:47 pounds (FFAD7033R1; FFAD5033R1)
34 pounds (FFAD3033R1)
Warranty:1 Year
Full Specifications:Click Here

Too much humidity in the air can lead to beads of water condensing on windows, mold growing on the walls, floors, window sills, or around bathroom fixtures, water stains appearing on walls or ceilings, or musty odours wafting through the basement or laundry room. Left unattended over a period of years, these issues can cause structural problems in the home, and various health issues, including an onset or exacerbation of allergic symptoms and skin conditions such as eczema. Typically you want an indoor humidity level around 45 percent.

The most effective way to deal with excess humidity in the home is with a dehumidifier. Basically a dehumidifier uses a fan to draw humid air across coils that are filled with a refrigerant. The coils cool the air, and moisture then condenses and drips into a discharge water tank, while dry air is vented out into the room.

I decided to install a dehumidifier because the humidity level in my living/dining room was at the 55% level – the room felt a bit too cool and damp for my liking, even with the thermostat set at 19°C. By increasing the temperature I was able to reduce the humidity level, but to do this I had to keep the thermostat set at 22°. However I found this make the room somewhat too warm. Reducing the ambient humidity level without increasing the room temperature seemed the next step.

The size of room that you want to dehumidify will determine the size of dehumidifier you should purchase. After researching major models currently available on the market, examining best seller lists on e-commerce sites, liaising with industry experts, and reading online consumer reviews I selected the Frigidaire FFADXX3R1. It comes in three sizes: 70 pint, 50 pint, and 30 pint. The size, listed in pints, specifies how much moisture the unit can remove over a 24 hour period. For example, a 30 pint model will remove 30 pints of moisture over 24 hours. A 30 pint model is sufficient for a room of up to about 1,200 square feet that has a low to moderate humidity level. The same size room with a medium to high level of humidity would do better with a model that has a greater dehumidification capacity.

Since installing the Frigidaire the room has felt noticeably less damp. And, I've been able to maintain my thermostat level at 19°C.

Operating the dehumidifier couldn't be easier. You simply select the desired humidity level that you want for the room (I chose 45%), and the fan speed (I selected the lowest speed, which also runs at the lowest decibel level, around 47 dB). Once the humidity level drops to the level that you set, the dehumidifier automatically stops running. A built-in humidistat monitors the ambient humidity level, and automatically turns the unit back on when the humidity level rises above your pre-selected level. There is also a built-in timer that enables you to set the unit to operate for 30 minute increments up to 10 hours and then for 1 hour increments up to 24 hours.

There are two ways to dispose of the condensed water that the dehumidifier collects. If, like me, you locate the unit in a family room, you'll likely have to manually empty the water tank when it's full (the unit shuts off when the tank is full). I leave the unit running 24 hours a day, and have to empty it twice a day. If you place the unit in a basement with a floor drain, you can attach a hose connection to divert the water directly to the drain.

Humid air enters the dehumidifier at the back of the unit, and passes through an anti-bacterial mesh air filter that removes dust. After 250 hours of run time a very convenient 'Clean Filter' light illuminates on the control panel to remind you to remove and clean the filter.

Should you need to move the dehumidifier about, a pop-up handle on the top of the unit and a set of casters make the job easy.

I couldn't be more pleased with this dehumidifier. Once you've set the operating parameters (humidity level and fan speed) there's nothing left to do but empty the unit periodically, and clean the filter a couple of times a month. For the first few days after installing the dehumidifier it seemed to run for hours on end. Now, it runs periodically - so infrequently that I barely notice it's on. At the low fan speed setting it's quiet enough that doesn't disturb a conversation in the same room.


6' power cord wraps neatly for storage.

4 casters for easy manoeuverability.

Quick removal of anti-bacterial mesh filter for periodic cleaning.

Warm air exits at the side.

Front mounted indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the tank.

Pull out water tank holds 7 to 13 pints (depending on the model).

For a basement location use the adapter and connect a hose to empty the unit.

Intuitive control panel with easy to read digital display.

Easy to operate, quiet, and effective.
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