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A Reliable Workhorse for the Small Shop.


General 1 HP Dust Collector With 1 Micron Canister Filter

If you work in a small shop with only one machine operating at time, and don't need long runs of ductwork, then you might not necessarily need a full size central dust-collection system. A small, portable dust collector might just be the ticket for you. If you have a large shop, and need dedicated dust collection for a single machine, a portable collector might also be the way to go. Of course you could always opt for a dust extractor (aka, shop vacuum). But, one of the main issues with an extractor is that the collection bag is typically much smaller than on a dust collector – meaning you have to empty it more frequently – and the smaller diameter hose, while good with dust, tends to clog up with larger wood chips. One drawback with a portable dust collector is that you really want to keep the duct lines short in order to achieve maximum suction.

General International recently announced a new single stage 1 HP Dust Collector (model 10-030CF MI) equipped with a 1 Micron Canister Filter. I tested it over a 6-week period, connected to a DeWALT DW735 planer.

Well packed; few parts to assemble

The 10-030 comes well packed in two boxes. There are only about a dozen parts, along with a bag of hardware. Everything goes together quickly, thanks to clear step-by-step assembly instructions. I had the unit up and running within 40 minutes.

Nuts, welded to the body, quicken assembly

One great feature is that the nuts are welded in place, so you don't have to monkey around with a second wrench. This makes the whole assembly process go along that much easier.
Impeller/separator assembly slips over support posts

You need to lift up the top unit (the impeller/separator assembly, which also contains the motor), and slip it onto the three posts (or legs) of the collector. The top unit isn't overly heavy, but it's a bit bulky. General International has make it easier to attach the top unit to the base by means of rectangular housings that slip over the ends of the posts. Once the top unit is in position, all you need to do is bolt it to the legs. A nice design consideration.

1 micron canister filter with internal flapper

The rigid canister filter attaches to the top of the impeller/separator assembly and is secured in place with a quick-release clamp. There's a handle at the top of the canister that you rotate to remove dust build-up from the inside of the filter.

The canister filter is one of the key features on this dust collector. Canister filters provide better filtration than cloth filters - which is (or should be) an important consideration to anyone working in a small shop, particularly if the shop has limited fresh air exchange. Canister filters trap dust particles down to 1 micron. Cloth filter bags, on the other hand, are only effective on dust between 2 to 5 microns. As a result, the smallest, most hazardous dust particles end up spewing about the shop, and into your lungs. The pleated filters in cannisters also provide a much large filter area. The internal flapper makes it a lot easier to clean the filter – it's much more effective than striking against the exterior of a filter bag. 
Unless you inadvertently damage the canister, the polycarbonate re-enforced pleated inner filter should last for as long as you own the dust collector.
Quick-release clamps with metal straps hold the filter and dust bag in place

Make a note that there are two quick-release clamps – the longer belt secured the filter to the impeller/separator assembly.

The 10-030 comes with three reusable 23-1/2" by 30" poly collector bags, which should hold about 8 to 10 gallons of debris. Replacement bags (#10-016) cost around $8.00 each. I'm still using the same bag I originally installed. It's been emptied time times already, and I don't see any reason I shouldn't get another 6 uses out of it. However, once these bags are finished I'll buy single use bags – that way I won't have to bother emptying the bags into another waste container for disposal. Uline Canada sells 100 6-mil bags for $188, or .85 cents each.

Hardly any fallout

General International supplies an adhesive gasket that you install around the rim of the impeller/separator assembly where the canister and dust bag are installed. This gasket, along with the tight fitting quick release clamps, keeps dust seepage to almost nil. The photo above shows how much dust seeps out over the time period it takes to fill the bag. Most of this dust probably comes from the planer anyway.

Keep your duct work short

The 10-030 has a 4" outlet located underneath the impeller/separator assembly. To maximize the efficiency of any dust collector you want to keep your duct work as short and straight as possible. I located the 10-030 right up next to my planer, and was able to make do with a 3' length of duct. Of course, it helps that the DW735 planer has its own internal blower. In use, there is virtually no dust remains inside the planer.The 10-030 also has enough airflow to clean a 6" jointer (connected via 10' of hose).

Sufficient airflow to clean just about any shop machine

The General 10-030 is a real workhorse that does a credible job of collecting dust. It's 1 HP totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor generates just over 500 CFM of air, enough to move chips, shavings, and dust from just about any shop machine. The stellar canister filter keeps dust – particularly the finer more pernicious dust – out of the air. A precision, spin-balanced impeller makes for smooth operation and minimal noise.

The small, compact size of the 10-030 makes it ideal for space challenged shops, and two fixed large wheels with two smaller rotating wheels make it easy to maneuver. It only takes about 52" of vertical space (which allows ample room to activate the flapper handle), so you can park it under shelving or wall cabinets.

With a retail price of just under $400 and a limited lifetime warranty, the General 10-030 earns a five star rating.


  • Motor: 1 HP, 110 V, 7 A, 3450 RPM
  • Airflow capacity: 506 CFM
  • Static pressure: 6-3/4" of water
  • Blower wheel diameter: 10"
  • Inlet diameter: 4"
  • Canister size: 14-1/2" x 11-3/4"
  • Filter rating: 1 micron
  • Filter area: 20.33 Sq.Ft.
  • Sound rating: 80-85 dB
  • Overall dimensions: 31 1/8" L x 18 7/8" W x 47 5/8" H
  • Weight: 67 Lbs (31 Kg)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes: Three reusable dust bags

COMPANY:General International
MADE IN:Taiwan
SOURCE:Dealer List
April 2014

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