2001 ShortCuts Atlantic Amateur Woodworking Competition

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2001 ShortCuts Atlantic Amateur Woodworking Competition

Here are some of the winners of the 2001 ShortCuts Atlantic Amateur Woodworking Competition (SAAW). The competition is sponsored by Canadian Woodworking Magazine, Bosch Tools, Busy Bee Tools, Contractor’s Desk Magazine, DeWalt Tools, Delta International, East Coast Hardwoods, Flecto/Varathane, Freud, Fundy Grinding, Hitachi, Lee Valley Tools, Makita Tools, Mill Supply, Minwax Finishes, Porter Cable Tools and Vermont-American Tools.
Interior Furniture
First Place: Andrew Hann (shown in lead photo)
This large, solid cherry entertainment cabinet took Andrew just over 250 hours to complete. The tambour pocket doors and the curved drawers add to the beauty and function of this beautiful furniture piece.

Exterior Furniture
First Place: Len Elvidge
The garden trellis was made from pressure treated lumber with laminated arches to a radius of 48”.
The 3 1/2’ wing fences bring the eye to the attractive entryway to the Elvidge garden.

Wood Turning
First Place: Jaimie Wolverton
This piece of dwarf sumac crotch was still dripping with sap when Jaimie visualized this natural edged bowl. To retain the clean cut of the bark edge was a feat in itself, let alone the unusual and unique shape.

First Place/Best In Competition: Andrew Hann
Andrew’s woodworking is quite versatile, judging from his two winning entries. This piece is titled “Hidden Forest ” and has been modified from the original plan by using more than 10 wood species. Over 1,100 individually cut and shaped pieces went into this work. Andrew went far beyond the original intarsia plan for this project in both wood species and cut pieces. His attention to even the minutest detail, such as the individual blades of grass, earn him this award of best in competition.

First Place: Jean Claude Caron
“Gauara”’ is an interesting relief carving in basswood. Jean Claude’s attention to detail and balance in form were winning considerations.

First Place: Dan MacLean
Dan was a winner last year and his attention to detail is what gave him the first again. This carving is a Golden Crowned Kinglet in flight. The bird is life size and carved in tulip wood. The base is carved from black walnut.

Scroll Work
First Prize: Don Nicholas
Don spent 57 hours making 779 internal cuts on this beautiful “Two Bell Tower Clock” made with 1/4” oak. The piece is 23” high x 19” wide and 8” deep.

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