25 Essential Projects for your Workshop

Book Review: This book is a compilation of projects from a number of authors who have contributed to the magazine Popular Woodworking, and includes contributions from the editors themselves.


25 Essential Projects for your Workshop

This book presents projects, tips and techniques to improve how you use your tools and your shop. Since they come from a variety of authors, the format isn’t consistent between the projects, (which range from detailed step-by-step construction with photos, to basic instruction accompanied by illustrations to aid you in making the project). In all cases, however, there is enough information needed to do the job.

The projects themselves range from universally useful to those with very specific applications. Even if you don’t build them as-is, they should give you lots of ideas and a good starting point for your own workshop.

The book begins with solutions for a common problem among woodworkers – lack of space. The first two projects are for mobile, self-contained work benches with lots of storage and work surface: both incorporate a bench-top table saw and one includes a table-mounted router. If your space is limited, you may want to consider these projects – either exactly as presented, or adapted to your own needs.

Later in the book, another project focuses on how to make a more traditional woodworking bench, for those who don’t need a mobile system.

Several different tool holders are included, geared to general storage as well as tool specific storage. Again, even if you don’t need the ones illustrated in the book, the ideas and the construction techniques are widely adaptable to your own specific needs.

The router is one of the most versatile tools in your shop and this book has included not one, but two stand-alone router tables, along with two different types of router fences. The second one is built with a tilt-up table top, a useful feature for some routers which need good access to the underside of the table for adjustment or bit changes.

There are also jigs for both the table saw and the bandsaw. For the table saw, there are two table-top jigs that will help you make easier, more accurate cuts. This includes a mitre sled and a tenoning jig. The bandsaw jig is featured as a “master jig” which allows you to use your bandsaw in more ways than you do now, including parallel curves, saw patterns, circles, etc. While it doesn’t include a fence, it can be easily added.

In addition to the projects, there are a number of useful tips throughout the book. There are many very creative, useful ideas which will help you organize your workshop and increase your efficiency.
Book Type: Technique/Reference
Level: All Levels
Author: Compilation
Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books

*The Little Shop That Could
*Little Shop Mark II
*Benjamin Seaton’s Tool Chest
*Bullet-Proof Bench
*Practical Router Table
*Shop Stool
*Adjustable Saw Horse
*Drill Press Table
*Five Shop Helpers
*Stanely Tool Cabinet
*Lathe Tool Cabinet
*Wall-Mounted Clamp
*Rolling Clamp Rack
*Bullet-Proof Bench
*Stacking Storage
*Hand Screws
*Sharpening Kit
*Tilting Router Stand
*Table Saw Tenon Jig
*Table Saw Mitre Sled
*Sandpaper Press
*Bandsaw Master Jig
*Dovetail Jig
*Workmate Helpers
*Circle Cutting Jig
Tips &Charts
Storage Tips
Quiet Tips
Clue & Clamp Tips
Peg Board Tips
Sanding Tips
Shop Tips
Troubleshooting Your Tools

Michel Theriault
MICHEL THERIAULT is a Canadian writer and woodworker living in Guelph, Ontario

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