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Black Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Made by Paul Gonsalves

Paul Gonsalves, of Ottawa, Ont. recently finished installing a new set of cherry kitchen cabinets. He constructed everything himself, including the solid cherry doors. “The doors were a lot of work, but I wasn’t about to compromise on the wood or proportions,” he said of his decision to make the doors himself. “The grain direction, colour selection, etc. is very important to the final product. All the door panels are single pieces.” The cabinets are prefinished birch ply, and the kitchen was finished with Target golden red shellac under three coats of EM2000. All the beads were done with the Kreg face frame jig. Great job, Paul!
Best Build


Check out the Woodworking section of our forum for our latest “Best Build” thread – a side table made with hand tools. This month’s winner, Gavin Villa, receives a dual marking gauge from Lee Valley.


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