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Woodworkers' Gallery: Fort Saskatchewan, AB


Bowed Front Jewellery Box

Made by Kerry Cox

Kerry Cox, from Fort Saskatchewan, AB made this bowed front jewellery box.

This black walnut box features a red oak lid panel, sides trimmed with maple stringing and a maple and African blackwood compass rose inlaid in the lid. The finish is simply boiled linseed oil, shellac, and wax.
Kerry tells us that several problems presented themselves in making this project, and that he learned a lot in overcoming them.

The key feature is the bow front, made from steam bent ⅛" shop-sawn walnut laminations, and formed in a simple template made from pressed hardboard.

The bridle joints for the lid were cut on the table saw with the pieces held in a shop-built tenoning jig.

Kerry glued a paper copy of the compass rose pattern on the blackwood and maple, and cut the pieces out with an Xacto knife.

The inlay itself was used as a pattern to trace the shape onto the lid, and the recess was cut with a knife and chisels. Kerry hand planed the stringing from 3⁄32" maple strips and used a scratch stock to create the straight parts of the groove and a knife to cut the curved corners. After the glue dried a block plane brought the protruding stringing down close to the surface and then a cabinet scraper set it flush.

The inside bottom is lined with adhesive backed felt, dividers were cut from strips of ¼" walnut, and a small walnut and maple tray completes the interior.


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