Butternut Blanket Chest - Canadian Woodworking Magazine

Woodworkers' Gallery: John Jarrett’s butternut blanket chest, replete with lap desk and a hidden compartment, features a curved frame and panel top.


Butternut Blanket Chest

Made by John Jarrett

The chest is a fairly straightforward box joined at the corners with through dovetails. The end panels are extra tall, and the bottom is housed in a groove that allows it to float. The stiles are laminated from eight 1/10" veneers. The panel groove was cut on a router table with some jigging derived from the bending form cauls, and the tenons were cut on a homemade router mortise/tenon jig. John used ¾" material for the top panel that was to end up ½" thick. Once glued up, a block plane was used to fair the outside, and a homemade round bottom plane was used to smooth the inside. The panel was raised using a combination of a 1" core box router bit, some straight bits and a variety of fixtures on the router table. The result is a well-designed project superbly executed.

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