Danny Proulx Wins Golden Hammer Award

Bookshelf: "Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets" By Danny Proulx


Danny Proulx Wins Golden Hammer Award

Vaughan & Bushnell in conjunction with the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers (NAHWW) recently announced the 2003 Annual Golden Hammer Writing Awards winners.

Danny Proulx was named as the first place winner in the Woodworking Book photography category for his publication "Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets".

Active members of the NAHWW, who are book and magazine authors, choose the writing awards. The Vaughan Golden Hammer Awards are given to the first, second and third place winners in three categories: Articles/Features, Books, and Photography.

Danny Proulx has fourteen books to his credit and is a contributing editor to Canadian Woodworking magazine. He operates a custom cabinetmaking business in Russell, ON.
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