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Greene & Greene Style Table

Made by Chris Delaney

This Greene & Greene style table was made by Chris Delaney, from Pickering, ON.

Chris first became interested in Greene & Greene style furniture after reading Darrell Peart’s “Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop” (Linden Publishing, ISBN: 0941936961 The solid and proven construction techniques are what initially attracted him to this style. According to Chris, “You don’t have to be a professional to do this type of work but if Greene & Greene is about anything, it is about the details”.

This 14" D x 30" H x 52" W table was made with quarter-sawn white oak and ebony accents. The top construction has traditional breadboard ends with a floating ebony spline that is glued to the long grain only, and floats within the breadboard end to allow for expansion and contraction. The ebony plugs and splines can take some time to fi t properly. The relief detail near the bottom of the legs is unobtrusive, yet eye-catching. The table was finished with several coats of Danish Oil and wax. Chris tells us that this hall table was a Christmas present for his wife Jennifer and, incidentally, his first Greene & Greene piece. We doubt it will be his last.


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