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Lee Valley Veritas Carcase Saw

Last year I had the chance to try the new line of Veritas dovetail saws offered at Lee Valley Tools. Now, I’ll be the first to admit they looked a little ‘different’, with their stainless-steel powder mixed, fibre/polymer backs and uniquely designed bubinga handle assembly. However, after seeing the price tag, realized how much we really need these saws in today’s hand-tool market.

They’re not designed to compete with the boutique varieties, nor should they be. What they are is a back saw that anyone can afford to buy. Maybe even a back saw that no workshop or classroom should be without.

The student or the professional wood worker will find many uses for a saw in this range. They’re well made, dependable and if you close your eyes (never during use, of course!) they feel like a saw priced twice as much.

As of November, 2010, I’m happy to say the Veritas back saws just got a bit bigger. They now offer Carcase Saws: one 12-tip rip tooth and a 14-tip crosscut. That’s an 11" high-carbon steel blade with a 2 ⅜" depth of cut. That will cover 90 percent of tenon applications on standard-sized furniture in most shops.

Think about this: the pair of these saws will cost you less than one saw from most other hand tool manufacturers.

Who can argue with that?


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