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Midi Lathe Stand and Storage

Made by Gary Zimmel

This is Gary Zimmel’s latest addition to his shop – a lathe stand.

He’s aiming to have his entire shop filled with black cherry storage and fixtures so he can enjoy spending every minute he spends working in it. “I spend a lot of time in my weekend shop so it might as well look really good,” says Gary. With hand-cut dovetailed drawers and half-lap joints on the cabinet frame it looks fantastic and is very strong. It also serves him well functionally, securing his lathe on top of the cabinet and providing him with storage inside. Gary even designed a shallow area on the side of the cabinet where he can store many of his turning tools. “The metal stand I had was never stable enough and I wanted to have all the accessories for my small lathe close at hand,” Gary mentions, regarding his reasoning for building this cabinet.


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