Router Bits For Home Improvement


Router Bits For Home Improvement

Have you ever thought of making a door, but were intimidated by the prospect of cutting all the mortises and tenons by hand?

If so, Freud's Entry and Interior Door Router Bit System (Item 99-267) is just the ticket for you. This matched rail and stile bit set comes fully assembled for milling 1-¾" joints for exterior doors, and 1-⅜" interior door joints (by simply removing the spacers from each bit).

You can also use this set to make sidelights and transoms. To cut tenons of any length you simply remove the top cutter and bearing assembly from the coping cutter (without removing the bit from the router) and the bottom cutter undercuts the rail end. You then flip the stock over, and complete the cut. You still need to cut the matching mortise in the stile (for this you can use a router, mortiser, or do it by hand). This is a very quick and efficient system. Use these ½" shanked bits in a table mounted router only.

Cope cut with the rail bit

Stick cut with the stile bit

Tired of ho-hum panelling and wainscoting? The Reversible Wainscoting bit (Item 99-470) from Freud is a quick way to spruce up your next project. This ½" shanked bit works with stock from ½" to ⅝" thick. You only need to set the bit height once for both the male and female joints. You just rout the stiles face down and then the rails face up. Nothing could be easier. Use this bit in a table mounted router only.
Wainscoting bit and door bits available at:
Tegs Tools
For other dealers contact Freud Tools



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