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Woodworkers' Gallery: With cherry plywood carcasses, aspen and birch drawer sides and solid cherry face frames, doors and drawer fronts, this project would be just as beautiful in a kitchen as it is in this woodworking shop. 


Shop Storage Fit For A King

Made by Gary Zimmel

Most people don’t go to this amount of trouble to make their shop storage look this good, but Gary Zimmel, of Stony Plain, Alberta thought it was worth the extra effort. And besides, he says, “It was a labour of love. Every time I go into my shop and look at this corner it gives me a ton of self-satisfaction.”

In fact, the project started off a bit more modestly, but as construction took place over eight months worth of evenings and weekends, Zimmel added more and more drawers so he could have easy access to his set of tools. The addition of more drawers added some challenges. “Doing the 12" drawers with half blind dovetails was the most difficult part of the build. There was not a lot of margin for error to have these go together nice and tight,” he recalls.

With the build now behind him, Zimmel has had a chance to look back at his work. “Sometimes a project can get a little out of hand,” he states matter-of-factly. With that many drawers, all dovetailed by hand, I would say he might be right!


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