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Jig Contest: The first winner of the Canadian Woodworking’s Jig Contest is Bill Thorne, an avid woodworker and mechanic from London, Ontario.


Thorne Clamp Jig

Bill’s winning jig follows the woodworking rules that we regularly mention in this article: safety and you can never have too many clamps.
His jig keeps your fingers safely away from cutters while machining small parts. It’s especially useful around the shaper or table-mounted router. The pinned block (adjustable every ⅜”) combined with sliding clamp block (dovetail mounted) provide full adjustment over the working range of the jig.
The abrasive on the clamp blocks is backed with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and provides the grip required to stop the work piece from slipping. Clamp pressure is supplied by a standard toggle clamp.
For his winning entry into the Canadian Woodworking Jig Contest, Bill will receive a heavy-duty 12v cordless drill from DeWalt.
You could be the next winner in our Canadian Woodworking jigs contest.

Don’t be shy. You don’t need to do any fancy photos, charts or diagrams. You can leave that to us. Just contact Lou Peeters at: and he’ll take it from there.
Remember, jigs can help make your woodworking safer. They can also increase your speed and accuracy. So help out your fellow woodworkers by sharing your jig.
And be sure to watch future issues of Canadian Woodworking to see how other woodworkers jigs can help you.




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