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Woodworkers' Gallery: This workbench by Edward G. Robinson, from Burlington, Ontario, incorporates a unique bench top design.


Unique Workbench

Made by Edward G. Robinson

The top for this workbench evolved as a result of Edward’s research into the effects and control of seasonal wood movement. He also wanted a bench that would serve as a carver’s bench and a traditional joiner’s bench, with an ability to support a variety of clamping options. Adequate drawer storage for a collection of chisels and hand tools was another priority. The result was a two section bench with a center tool tray. Each section was made of three 3" x 3" x 36" long hard maple rails, with 20 tie bars holding them together. The 40 tie bar joints were tapered dovetails that were hammered tight and glued. Each end of the sections also had three tapered dovetail joints that held the end caps in place. The remaining square holes were filled with flush-fitting lipped hard plastic dogs. Four of these dogs had ¾" round bench dog holes and could be moved to where ever they were needed, since they are all identical. The outside birdseye maple skirts were joined with hounds tooth dovetails and provided continuity with the end caps as well as room for bench dog holes and solid mounting for a variety of vises.

With this design, Edward believes he has the wood movement demon firmly under control, as after one year of seasonal humidity changes everything remains stable and solid. This may be the only bench in the world like this for many years to come.


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