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Jig Contest: The third winner of Canadian Woodworking Magazine’s jig contest is Del Wendt from Westbank, B.C. 


Wendt Picture Frame Jig

Illustration by Carl Clayton

Del has developed a very useful jig that can be used to make picture frames.
This particular jig is very interesting in that, when assembled, it clamps and squares the frame automatically.
This jig is good for common size frames (i.e. for 5” x 7” or 14” x 16” pictures). If you have very small or very large frames, the jig sizing can be adjusted to suit.
I have added a few tips that I would make to this jig to make it work even better.

1. The bolt heads should be counter bored into the bottom of the 24” x 4” x ¾” pieces so that the jig lies flat on the table.

2. When gluing up the frame, wax paper should be placed under the corners, to prevent the frame from being glued to the jig.

3. Small notches can be cut on the opposing corners of the clamp block. Using the small notches will allow clearance to air nail the joint together.

4. Using a Quick-Grip style clamp would give you extra time to concentrate on the four corners being glued at once.
This will be a very useful jig for your workshop. It will save you time and money as well as make any picture framing you do a lot easier. A friend of mine, who is a novice woodworker, made and used this jig in approximately three hours.
For his winning entry, Del will receive $250 worth of Minwax water-based stains and other finishing products.


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