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Woodworkers’ Gallery

Woodworkers’ Gallery

Sheridan Lectern

Mark Rose, Burlington, ON

This lectern was commissioned by the President of Sheridan College to be used at the variety of official events hosted by the college each year. It was constructed using solid walnut with a curly veneer front over a curved form. The design blends modern and classical styles to create a sense of visual importance and solidity.

Spectator’s bench 

Tony Belbeck, Brampton, ON
The design for this soft maple, upholstered, spectators bench is simple, yet ergonomically satisfying. Glue, screws, dowels and corner blocks provide the bench with strength and stability. The top arm has a shallow circle routed out and lined with felt, to hold a beverage, and a hook cut out to hold a pool cue. The bench is finished with a walnut stain and lacquer spray.


Lars Olsson, Hamilton, ON
This white pine chest was built as a wedding gift, and showcases Lars’ first attempt at hand cut dovetails on a large project. The chest has a brass plaque under the lid detailing the marriage, and a hand written note on the underside with an inlaid 2007, 25 cent piece. The finish is five coats of amber shellac on the outside followed by paste wax. The inside is finished with two coats of amber/blonde shellac mix, with the aromatic cedar bottom left unfinished.

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