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Woodworkers’ Gallery

Walnut bed
Made by EDWARD G. ROBINSON, Burlington, ON

In this issue we are introducing a new column that will appear now and then throughout the year. We will showcase some of the work of the members of Canadian Woodworking's Magazine Woodworking Forum.

The Canadian Woodworking forum brings together woodworkers of all skill levels and all backgrounds, sharing ideas and experience. It is a community for woodworkers by woodworkers, and we are all proud of our fellow members whose work is displayed here.

Be sure to check out our Woodworkers Gallery, and while you are there, drop in and join the discussions. You won’t find a nicer, or more knowledgeable bunch of woodworkers anywhere.

Who knows, maybe your work will be the next to be displayed on these pages.

Woodworking Forum: canadianwoodworking.com/forum/
Woodworkers Gallery: canadianwoodworking.com/forum/vbpicgallery.php?

Curly maple and walnut table

Cherry rocking chair

Brent Smith

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