Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture

A great collection of detailed plans for 57 classic Arts & Crafts furniture pieces.

Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture

Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture

If you love American Art & Crafts style furniture, then this is 'the' book you want to get and read. Even if Arts & Crafts (A&C) isn't exactly your cup of tea, you'll find enough insight into design and technique in this book to warrant the entry price. If you're new to woodworking, then it's not a bad idea to begin your foray into the craft by making a few A&C pieces. The designs are uncomplicated, yet based on fundamental woodworking joinery. And, any of the furniture pieces in this book will look fabulous in just about any home or office setting.

It's a 
revised version of three of Lang's earlier books on the same topic: “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture”, “More Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture”, and “Shop Drawings for Craftsman Inlays & Hardware”. Three great books for the price of one.


The book consists of 57 furniture pieces grouped into four categories - dining room, living room. bedroom, and office/den/library. For each piece you get one to three pages of detailed shop drawings, many of them full page (8" by 11"), and an accompanying cut list. Once you've picked out a piece to make, you can photo enlarge the shop drawing and hang it on your shop wall.

The book also features 30 gorgeous inlay drawings by Harvey Ellis, who worked with Stickley for a mere 8 months - and left an indelible mark on the future of A&C furniture. Most of the inlays are done to scale. Finally, there are 25 hardware drawings (mostly pulls), also done to scale, which you'll find useful when sourcing hardware to go with the piece you're building.

Also included is a highly readable overview of A&C style furniture - essentially the work of Gustav Stickley.Lang also includes a useful discussion on various techniques that are common to this style of furniture - techniques that once you master, are transferable to any style of furniture you'll make in the future.

Lang makes it clear that the drawings in this book aren't based on exact copies of the original furniture pieces. However, they're as good as you're likely to get. The important thing to bear in mind is that they give you everything you need to get started on creating your own heirloom masterpiece.
For those of you who don't know Robert Lang, he's been making Arts & Crafts furniture since the late 1970s. As well as being a profile writer, he's also a teacher, and former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Visit his website for more information.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Story of Craftsman Furniture
  • Interpreting the Drawings
  • Materials and Hardware
  • Woodworking Techniques
  • Inlays
  • Hardware
  • Shop Drawings
    • Craftsman Dining Room Furniture
    • Craftsman Living Room Furniture
    • Craftsman Bedroom Furniture
    • Craftsman Office, Den, and Library Furnishings
  • Inlays
    • Craftsman Inlays
    • Stickley Brothers Inlays
  • Gustav Stickley Craftsman Hardware
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
PUBLISHER:Fox Chapel Publishing
FORMAT:Softcover, 327 pages
AUTHOR:Robert W. Lang
November 2014

Carl Duguay
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