Grizzly Combination Jointer/Planer

Grizzly Industrial announces a new Combination Jointer/Planer

Grizzly Combination Jointer/Planer

We've taken the innovation and space-saving convenience of a jointer/planer combo to a whole new level with the G0809 "side by side."

Unlike other jointer/planers, which require precious down-time for change-overs, the G0809 features dedicated jointing/planing centers with fully adjustable, precision-ground cast iron tables and independent dust ports for increased production time and profits!

For the ultimate in one-stop board dimensioning, you get both a 6" jointer and 13" planer, each driven by a powerful 2 HP motor. The jointer fence adjusts from 90° to 45° left or right, and the table features a built-in rabbeting shelf. The planer features two feed speeds, 11 and 22 FPM to help ensure an ultra-smooth finish in both soft and hard woods. Other features include a built-in mobile base and infeed/outfeed extension rollers on the planer table.

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Friday, July 7, 2017