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Home Hardware celebrates 10 years of earth-friendly cleaning products

Breathe easy and say yes to a Naturally green 2014
Burford, ON (March 17, 2014) – There may be a shocking lack of green outside this winter, but Home Hardware’s Paint and Home Products Division is celebrating 10 years of helping keep homes beautifully easy-breathing green inside, with Natura.
Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. Understanding that poor air quality caused by chemical pollutants presents a serious and growing threat to our health, our indoor air quality is an important concern. “With the winter we are experiencing in so many places across Canada, everyone I know is seeking refuge inside,” says Nancy Dingman, Business Manager, Specialty Products, Home Hardware Stores Limited, Paint & Home Products Division. “However, while it may be warmer, is the air we breathe inside our homes healthy?”
What began in 2004 as a single product, Natura Cleaner, has burgeoned in ten years into 38 Natura paint and cleaning products for the home. Every one is developed and manufactured so that it does not contribute to pollution, either in the air we breathe, or by being washed into our water system. These products are borne as much to meet consumer demand for more earth-friendly cleaning products as from the desire for this all-Canadian-owned company to manufacture products that will protect the land and waterways for future generations.
“With a 3200 percent increase in sales over the last ten years, Home Hardware’s consumers are clearly looking to breathe easier with green products,” says Dingman. As further indication of what consumers want, Natura product sales now account for 40 percent of total cleaning product sales at the Home Hardware Paint and Home Products Division in Burford, Ontario.
While the Natura line offers safe and sensible alternatives to many toxic common cleaning products, the key to its success has been the ability to develop effective cleaning with earth-friendly ingredients; obliterating the notion that caustic is the only way to achieve clean. 
“Every one of our Natura products have two very important characteristics,” says Tracy Louwerse, Home Hardware’s Paint and Home Products Division chemist. “They are safe for the environment and every one is as good as or better than its name-brand competitors.” 
Home Hardware’s Paint and Home Products Division exclusively formulates and manufactures every Natura product, meeting strict quality and safety guidelines. “All claims must be consistent and supported by test results using industry accepted test methods,” says Louwerse. “And all must meet Home Hardware’s values and commitment to future generations by being friendly to the environment.” 
Knowing they work just as well, or better than their caustic cousins, one really has to ask, Why use a product that is potentially harmful for your environment, when there are alternatives that work just as well, and are safe? “I like to think that Mother Nature has a smile on her face and Natura products in her cupboard,” adds Dingman.
But, how exactly do they work? If you have been wondering if and how green can really clean, here is some good, clean insider information, straight from Home Hardware’s experts, on how hydrogen peroxide, friendly bacteria, and Tea Tree oil can do wonderful things:

Natura Cleaning Products

Natura Ultra Laundry Detergent
Clean clothes without irritating chemicals: Many of today’s fabrics are stain resistant allowing most visible dirt to lift right off. What most of us need most of the time for our weekly trip to the washer is simply laundry detergent, not a cornucopia of chemicals. “Many laundry detergents have “stain-fighting” synthetic enzymes," says Dingman. “However that is overkill. They are often not necessary which means chemicals are needlessly being washed into our drains or remaining on our clothes to irritate our skin.” 
Natura Ultra Laundry Detergent is non-toxic, phosphate free and biodegradable. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that cause skin sensitively in so many people. “If stain-fighting power is needed, a simple spray of skin-friendly OXY Stain Remover for Laundry is all that’s needed,” adds Dingman.
Natura OXY Stain Remover for Laundry
OXY + five-minutes =goodbye stains, naturally: We have been hearing about OXY for years now but how does it work? Oxy actually stands for oxidizer, in this case hydrogen peroxide, which degrades into water and oxygen. Spray OXY Stain Remover onto a stain and the hydrogen peroxide bubbles work to break the bond between the stain and the fabric. Let it do its thing for 5 minutes and then pop into the washer with Natura Ultra Laundry Detergent. Clean as new with no skin-scathing, water polluting chemicals. Effectively removes organic and protein based stains such as grease, coffee, mud, grass, juice, wine, make-up, ring around the collar and general soil. Now, if only those clothes would fold themselves!
OXY Stain Remover for Carpet & Upholstery
Go ahead, spill, slop, and generally make a mess – OXY’s got your back (and your stains): A carpet and upholstery stain cleaner you spray liberally on the stain then walk away. Let those little hydrogen peroxide bubbles go crazy and ultimately eradicate organic and protein based stains, then simply dissolve into water and oxygen. Remember, if it’s Natura it is as good or better ... only in this case, without the blotting, sweating and stressing. 
OXY Bathroom Cleaner
Sparkly clean without the choking fumes: Natura Bathroom Cleaner uses the natural power of hydrogen peroxide to safely and effectively eliminate stains and odours on contact from all bathroom surfaces and fixtures. The oxygenated cleaning action leaves a long lasting fresh scent and is non-toxic to the environment. 
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Yes, raw natural materials can replace dangerous chemicals: Combine a patented, readily biodegradable organic acid salt, add a xanthan gum natural the same one found in food), and you have a compound that clings to the toilet bowl to remove calcium, lime and rust and leave just sparkle behind. Best part, all without flushing dangerous chemicals down the drain. 
Drain & Septic Tank Maintainer
Your lungs, and the environment will thank you: Avoid frustrating clogs and choking fumes by keeping drain cloggers at bay the all-natural way. Used regularly, five different strains of bacillus bacteria start generating natural enzymes to breakdown and digest fats, grease, oil, carbohydrates, proteins and cellulose on contact. Plumbing will stay build-up-free, meaning caustic and dangerous clog-busting chemicals can be pushed to the past. 
Tile & Grout Cleaner
No choke grout cleaner: Natura Bio-Tile & Grout Cleaner is made with a blend of five strains of specialized safe-to-use bacteria which produce enzymes that digest grease and dirt. This unique bio-enzymatic action cleans tiles and grout the natural way and is 100% biodegradable.  It will even will continue to clean and brighten grout between applications. And, since Natura Bio-Tile & Grout Cleaner does not contain phosphates, ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemicals it also does not contain those toxic fumes that make most of us choke. 
Natura cleaners:
•  Ready To Use Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil
•  Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner
•  Kitchen Cleaner
•  Laminate & Hardwood Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil

Clean without being caustic: Manufactured with natural cleaning agents, known as surfactants, every ingredient in these cleaners, including degreasers, is listed on the Design for the environment Clean Ingredient database. Derived from renewable resources such as corn, sugars, soy and palm kernel oil instead of synthetics, these products are biodegradable and safe for the environment – exactly what you want to flush down the drain or breath in your home. Plus, many have the addition of Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial.
Glass & Surface Cleaner
Better than vinegar – still natural and effective: Natura Glass & Surface Cleaner uses natural cleaners that don’t leave any residue, streaks or film behind – just sparkling cleanliness. 
Manufactured in Canada by Home Hardware, Natura products are available exclusively at Canada’s own Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre stores. Home Hardware Dealers provide expert service and advice to help Canadians breathe easier in their homes.